Repair Broken Concrete Steps Corner This Way, Easy !

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This article is about how to Repair Broken Concrete Steps Corner. This tips can be used to repair broken corners and edges of walkways, curbs and Porches too. As you know that there are parts in concrete things that are really reluctant. Those parts are easily to break. Usually, the corners or edges are easily to break. This article will help you Repair Broken Concrete Steps Corners.

How to Repair Broken Concrete Steps Corner :

  1. Brush off all crumbling and cracked edges and any debris.
  2. Wash area with water from a garden hose or bucket and a stiff broom.
  3. Use drill to punch 1.25 inch wide holes about 2 inch deep into the edge of the concrete.
  4. Space the holes about 1-1.5 inches apart.
  5. Force a tad of soupy mortar mix into the holes.
  6. Drive lag screws into the holes, leaving the heads protruding about 2 to 3 inches.
  7. Build a wood form boards to create a new corner.
  8. Remove all dust and debris and hose down the surface with water or broom it.
  9. Mix up 1 part Portland Cement with 4 parts sand with just enough water to allow the mix to be placed into the form readily.
  10. Place then tamp the patch into position. Level it.
  11. Let the patch set for 30 minutes then trowel the new patch to match the shape.


If you find concrete steps, walkways, curbs or porches broken, do not demolish it. No need to destroy everything and replace with the new one. Because using the tips to Repair Broken Concrete Steps Corner above, we can make it surely. We have to save more time, energy and money by doing those steps.

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Repair Broken Concrete Steps Corners

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