Roof Paint : Flintkote Colourflex

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This article is about Roof Paint. This paint that I want to show you is produced by Shell. The brand of this paint is Flinkote Colourflex.

I am quite amazed by the capability of this roof paint. Flintkote Colourflex Roof Paint is UV proof and safe for environment. This material is elastic up to 200%. This paint can cover 2 mm width of crack on the roof.

Flintkote Colourflex Roof Paint is really durable and strong. We can use/apply this roof paint to the roof easily. It can stick on the roof materials perfectly. This paint colours is longlasting. In 1 ltr of Flintkote Colourflex, we can cover 2.5 – 3.5 m2 of roof area.

roof paint - flintkote colourflex

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How to Paint a Roof using Flintkote Colourflex ?

  1. Clean the surface of the roof.
  2. The roof should be dry and flat, away from dust or sand.
  3. Apply the prime coat (Flintkote Colourflex + 20% water), wait until dry.
  4. Apply the coat twice using paint brush or roll.
  5. For maximum protection, you can put fabric reinforcement after the first coating.

What are the roof paint colours which are provide by Flintkote Colourflex ? They are white, sand, purple dew, grey, middle grey, dawn mist, red, clear, peach blossom, green, brown and wheat fields.

Using this Flintkote Colourflex roof paint, your roof can be colourful and strong against rain water. Applying this paint in a country which barely having rain just like Saudi Arabia is pointless. In Indonesia, in which almost everyday rain happens, this paint is absolutely important. It’s impossible to build a house in Indonesia without using this kind of paint.

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