Sand and Cement Mix for Concrete, Mortar, Screed and Plaster

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Sand and cement mix is very important when we want to build our home or our construction projects. The mix will highly influence the strength or quality of the building. If we put the mix not suitable for the function, the effect will be not good. The building that we build using a wrong mix will not last long.

Sand and Cement Mix (How to Mix Cement and Sand)

The following cement mix ratios are intended for guidance only. The proportions shown are based on volume and using good quality materials such as sand. Portland cement can be used with all cement additives and admixtures when used in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations. Add sufficient water to achieve the desired mix consistency.

We recommend all users to carry out their own testing to ensure the right cement mix for their specification and requirements. We have put together some advice to help you get the right mix for whatever application you are using Portland Cement for: concrete mix, mortar mix, screed mix, plaster mix.

To get the good mix for concrete, mortar, screed and plaster, please check the sand and cement mix ratio below :

Sand and Cement Mix for Concrete

1 : 2 : 3
Cement : Concreting Sand : Aggregate (20mm)

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Sand and Cement Mix for Mortar

1 : 4-5
Cement : Building Sand


1 : 1 : 4-5
Cement : Lime : Building Sand

Sand and Cement Mix for Screed

1 : 3-5
Cement : Concreting Sand

Sand – Cement Mix for Plaster

1 : 3
Cement : Plastering Sand


1 : 1 : 6
Cement : Lime : Plastering Sand

sand and cement mix

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