Sandblasting Equipment, Materials and Advantages

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Sandblasting is commonly used in construction. This is especially when we find corroted steel on site. Or some times the building external wall is requested to be sandblasted by the consultant, the contractor should do it. Do you know what is it?

sandblasting application

What is Sandblasting ?

Sandblasting is a cleaning process for specific material surfaces by shooting sand particle to it. The surface of the sandblasted area will be clean and a little bit rough later on. The roughness of the surface is determined by the size of the sand and the pressure.

sandblasting result

Sandblasting Advantages.

This method for cleaning a surface of specific material is chosen because this method can be done fast and efficiently. The corroted steel will be cleaned easily. The effect of which is that the surface will be rough which make the painting process easier. The paint applied to the sandblasted materials will be longlasting.

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Sandblasting Materials.

Materials which are used are Mineral (Silica, Garnet, Magnesium Sulfate), Agricultural Materials (Crushed Nut, Fruit Kernels), Synthetic (corn / wheat starch, sodium bicarbonate, dry ice) and Metallic (steel shot, steel grit, stainless steel shot).

Sandblasting Equipment.

The equipment actually can be flexible based on your creativity. Usually we use Compressor, sandblaster cabinet and sandblaster portable.

sandblasting equipments

Sandblasting is widely applied in the world of construction. This method is really simple. The person in charge will not loose so much energy and time. The process is really fast. As long as the man who works on this in a good concentration, everything will be just fine. The result will be really nice. We recommend this method other than cleaning the steel using manual method which is really tiring.

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  1. Maggie says:

    Wow, I didn’t even know that something like this even existed! It sounds like sandblasting might be a good idea for someone who wants to apply a powder coating to their metal. However, does the rougher surface of the metal affect the powder coating? That’s the only potential problem I could see resulting from this cleaning process.

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