Saudi Arabia Flag, the colors and the meaning

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Saudi Arabia Flag Picture

Saudi Arabia Flag shapes a rectangle with ratio width : height = 3 : 2. On Saudi Arabia Flag, we can see a writing “laa ilaaha illallah, muhammad rasulullah” which is written in Arabic Language. This sentence means “there is no god, but Allah, and Muhammad is Allah’s messenger”. This sentence is written in khat Tsulutsi.

The sentence which is written on Saudi Arabia Flag is considered to be sacred. Therefore, it must not be put in any clothes or places. When FIFA wanted to put this flag on a ball, Saudi Arabia refuse this. It was in 2002. Official said that kicking that ball with this sentence is forbidden. You have to know that this flag can not be put up on a pole half way, it’s because of that written sentence.

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This flag is originally based on the flag of Salafy Movement that has great influence to Saudi Arabia Government. When Ibnu Saud conquer Nejd in 1912, the sword image was put on the flag, under the sacred sentence. This flag was determined as Saudi Arabia Flag officially in 1932, when Saudi Arabian Kingdom was declared.

Regarding the colors of the flag, white and green are the favourite colors of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

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