Saudi Arabia Living Cost, How Much ?

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How much is Saudi Arabia Living Cost? When people get job offers to work in Saudi Arabia, the first information they need is the living cost. So, based on my experience, below is the amount of money you possibly need to live in Saudi Arabia, especially in Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia Living Cost

Here is Saudi Arabia Living Cost :

saudi riyals money picture Saudi Arabia Living Cost

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Food Cost = 600-800 Saudi Riyals monthly
Transportation Cost = 600-1500 Saudi Riyals monthly (if you have your own car and want to maintain your car well)
Kid Needs Cost = 100-300 Saudi Riyals monthly
Electricity Cost = 20-300 Saudi Riyals monthly (in summer, we use more electricity)
Water Cost = 133 Saudi Riyals monthly (19 Tons)
Gas Cost = 15 Saudi Riyals monthly (average)
Mobile Phone Charge Cost = 50-100 Saudi Riyals monthly (for local use only)
Flat/Apartment Rent Cost = 800-1800 Saudi Riyals monthly (depends on the location)
Misc. Needs Cost = 200-850 Saudi Riyals monthly.

Well, 1 US Dollars is equal to 3.75 Saudi Riyals, fixed.
So if you want to live in the middle-low class family living standard in Saudi Arabia, you will needs approximately 2503-5683 Saudi Riyals monthly.
I hope this information about Saudi Arabia Living Cost is useful for you.

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