Saudi Arabia National Day Celebration

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Saudi Arabia National Day is celebrated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on every 23 September to memorize the establishment of the Kingdom by King Abdulaziz in 1932. All government departments and institutions are suspended in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to celebrate the National Day.

Saudi Arabia National Day Celebration

kids in saudi arabia national day celebration

Saudi Arabia national day celebration is carried on with folklore dances,songs and traditional festivals. The roads and buildings are decorated with Saudi flags and people wearing Saudi Arabian shirts. On Saudi National Day, people celebrate all over Saudi Arabia.

Saudi National Day is an identity of the Kingdom and its history; it symbolizes the ideals and hopes held by the kingdom, and also honors the people who participated in the construction of the Kingdom, and in particular the Al-Saud family, the current leaders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On every 23 September is the day that Saudi Arabia remember how it succeeded in achieving national unity and how it has become a distinct nation after it had been a society of warring tribes and lacks security system. On that day,the expression of the feelings of love and gratitude to their country Saudi Arabia.

The National Day of Saudi Arabia an opportunity to learn about the work of the King Abdulaziz and how he did establish the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and how he did to unify his country and celebrate his memory in the national day.

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The celebration is an opportunity to learn the Saudi Arabian heritage, customs and traditions.The aim of celebration to introduce the heritage of Saudi Arabia and appreciation, and to promote proudness to their country Saudi Arabia.

Saudi National Day History

Saudi National Day History is really interesting. The history of modern Saudi Arabia begins with Abdul Aziz Al-Saud, known in the West as Ibn Saud. The Al-Saud family had reigned over much of Arabia in the early 19th century. It lost part of its territory to the Turks later in the century, however, and was driven from its capital, Riyadh, by the rival House of Rashid. In 1902 Abdul Aziz recaptured the city and began to reconquer and reunify the country, which he completed some three decades later. In 1927, Abdul Aziz was officially proclaimed king, and the country was named the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932. From the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in 1938, rapid economic development and rising prominence in world affairs have dominated the most recent chapter of Saudi Arabia’s history.

Why we celebrate Saudi national day

There are many reasons why we celebrate Saudi national day. One of them is that this country begin to be modern country since it is unified by King Abdulaziz. The economic of the people in this country began being better and better since that day.

Of course there was a side effects of that, such as the morality of the youngster that become worse in spirituallity. But they are now trying hard to make the mental of the youngster in Saudi Arabia better in many governmental programs.

It is a good thing to celebrate Saudi National Day because Saudi itself is one of the representative of Islam in this world.

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