Saudi Arabia Permanent Visa Requirements

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If you are searching for information about Saudi Arabia Permanent Visa Requirements, you can see the procedure by this following chart.

Saudi Arabia Permanent Visa Requirements

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The chart above can only be applied if you are professional worker, I mean, not domestic worker. This chart is the one I applied in 2011, please concern about the possible rules updates. There are many ways to apply permanent family visa. Other than what is written on the picture above, you can find another “specific” way to apply and guaranteed to succeed. Just ask some expatriates who is working for more than 20 years.

I hope you find this chart useful,…

Please be free to visit Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs Website.

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  1. Yulia says:

    Nice blog, but just read now after I was resign from kingdom, 3 years ago I tried many times to apply family visa always failed, finally my parent and husband using umrah visa from Indonesia. The problem that time, they said only one person who could register. It’s impposible because my parent are two person n my husband also. Another reason is my salary not enough, because they told must be above 12.000 SAR, and my salary only 5.500 SAR as a nurse in ministry of health.
    Anyway the problem unsolvable but alhamdulillah we were meet in masjidil haram and doing umrah together,
    Time passing by I miss all in the kingdom KSA . shawarma, hyperpanda, jarir, cornish, kabah, rawdah, dhahran, dammam al khobar, riyadh, mekah, madinah, jeddah,, unforgettable place ever after.
    Still I love KSA, during my previous 3 years life’s there. And I hope next year I will continue my Master in king Saudi university. InsyaAlloh

    • Harbun says:

      MashaAllah Tabarokallah,…
      What an interesting experience,…
      I hope you make your plan,..

      By the way, the minimum Salary is actually SAR 4000.00

      Thanks for the comment,..

  2. shahzad says:

    I have company visa named ( shrika.tu.saraco) ..2 years agrement…i want to come on leave after 6 months..only for 1 week. Is that posible????

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