Saudi Arabia Population Composition (Islam, Syiah, Citizen and Foreigners)

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It’s important to know that most of the Saudi Arabia population contains Islam, 15% of them are Syi’ah, which is actually not Islam. Most of Syi’ah people are living in Eastern Saudi Arabia : Qatif, Al-Ahsa, Dammam, Najran and Madinah. Islam, in Saudi Arabia, is supported by the government. Islam is the religion of the country.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Population Composition

Non Moslem population in Saudi Arabia are mostly foreigner. The amount of foreigners in Saudi Arabia is approximately 8 millions. The foreigners are :

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    • India : 1.5 Million People
    • Bangladesh : 1.5 Million People
    • Philippines : 1.2 Million People
    • Pakistan : 1 Million People
    • Egypt : 1 Million People
    • Indonesia : 600k People
    • Sri Lanka : 400k People
    • Nepal : 350k People
    • Palestine : 250k People
    • Lebanon : 150k People
    • Eritrea : 100k People
    • America : 30k People

The 2010 edition of the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook estimated that non-nationals represented 5,576,076 out of a population of 25,731,776 in Saudi Arabia. However, official 2010 census figures stated that there were 8,429,401 expatriates out of a total population of 27,136,977 or roughly 31 per cent of the total.

Source :
International Religious Freedom Report 2007 – Saudi Arabia

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