Saudi Arabia Weather Year Round

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Saudi Arabia Weather Year Round

Huge area and the variety of terrain of the Kingdom is reflected in its climate, which is characterized by its diversity throughout the year. This has made it a seamless tourism resort, where you can spend and enjoy most beautiful seasons in different places in different times of the year. For instance, in the same year, the weather varies from province to province depending on whether you are near the sea, in the desert or in the mountains. Each province has an outstanding season of its own, that has turned Kingdom into a tourist destination throughout the year

During the summer, the average temperature in Saudi Arabia is between 28 °- 42 ° C, and in winter, it falls between 8 °- 22 ° C. Atmospheric pressure is normally low during the summer and it increases during the winter, changing the speed and wind directions. During the winter due to rainfall, a temperate climate prevails in most of the provinces. Rains visit most of the provinces expect the Southern Highlands. In the western parts of Saudi Arabia, seasonal rains are heavier than other provinces during the summer. Recently, snowfall was in the North of Saudi Arabia had covered Tabuk region with a wide blanket ofice

Saudi Arabia Weather Riyadh Province

Temperatures in the Riyadh region vary between 20° – 50° Celsius in different parts of the year. In summer when the temperature rises you will find perfect opportunities for doing business, shopping and entertainment in various malls and facilities in Riyadh, which are built according to the latest standards in air conditioning, providing mild and pleasant environment to do different types of activities. In the closing part of the summer, desert breeze turns out nice and crisp in the night. In winter, when the temperature drops, you will find great weather during the day and tangy cold at night giving a wonderful opportunity for visitors to enjoy sitting in front of the fire and enjoy a barbecue, whether you are having a picnic in a desert of living within the city. Rains in Riyadh offer wonderful cool breeze from the desert environment surrounding the city.

Saudi Arabia Weather Eastern Province

In the Eastern Province, beauty of the surrounding sea and the seashore offers great opportunity for visitors to enjoy fresh air and sunlight. During summer, the climate is mild and at times humid near the beaches, but both ways, it is very enjoyable anytime. There are also many marine recreation activities you can chose, such as boating, snorkeling and fishing. During the winter, when it rains, you can see eye-catching Rainbows on the horizon. The average annual temperature in the Eastern Province 25 degrees Celsius.

Saudi Arabia Weather Hail Province

The true meaning of climate variation is felt in the Hail region. It is hot and sunny throughout the day in summer and at sunsets, the temperature begins to drop with gentle breezes blowing in the evening and night. In winter, it is cool and rainy, making the region a great place to visit.

The temperature in Hail, ranges between 30° – 40° Celsius during the summer, and between 5°-15° Celsius during the winter.

Saudi Arabia Weather Tabuk Province

Go to the Tabuk region to enjoy its beautiful sea and varied climate depending on which city you choose. In summer, the temperature is mild to hot, and it is cool and breezy in winter.

Temperatures in Tabuk in the summer range between 25º to 40º Celsius and in winter, from 5º to 25º C.

Saudi Arabia Weather Makkah Province

Climate of Makkah Province varies from tall mountains for Makkah to the flat plains and sea shore of Jeddah. Taif sitting on the high plateau atop mountains is considered to be the unique summer resort of Saudi Arabia with mild weather all through the year. Due to extreme climate diversity, each season will have a different experience in the Makkah region. In summer, the warm sun shines on the mountains of Makkah, and tides rise in the Red sea, producing a soothing roar of the sea along the coast of Jeddah.

In winter, a magical blanket is formed atop mountains when the fog spreads its stunning white layer on the mountains of Taif. Temperatures in Taif ranges range between 20° to 25° C in most part of the year.

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Saudi Arabia Weather Aseer Province

Aseer with its countryside welcomes tourists to enjoy this beautiful atmosphere characterized by mild climate, nice throughout the year due to the split of its terrain between Al-Sarwat Mountains and Tihama plains. In summer, the climate becomes moderate with overclouded sky. Rains are frequent and heavy in the mountainous areas, and temperatures ranging between 20°- 25°C, while the coastal Tihamah experiences light rain, when the temperature in the Highlands turn low and remains moderate in the Tihama, which drives people to go down.

Rainfall in Asir is all the year round and increases in the summer, especially in the Highlands. In winter, the rising fog from the Tihama valleys converge on the high mountains, filling the air with visibility only a few yards.

Saudi Arabia Weather Madinah Province

The climate in Madinah is generally hot. The temperature ranges between 28°- 42° C during summer and between 8°-22° C during winter. The months of June, July, and August represent the highest temperatures of the year, where the average maximum temperature during the year is around 41° Celsius. The temperature are lowest during December and January with an average minimum temperature of about 10° Celsius. Maximum rate of precipitation (rainfall) is during the month of April, the lowest rate is recorded in the month of September.

Saudi Arabia Weather Baha Province

Al Baha Province is characterized by variety of climates thanks to its geographical diversity. It is a refuge for the inhabitants of the Kingdom in summer, also a destination for those wishing to enjoy the distinctive winter with heavy fog along the Al Sarawat Mountains and moderate temperatures on the Tihama Plains. Whether in the rainy season or clear periods, the region is a source of great tourist attraction because of its stunning nature and gentle weather. It hosts increasing numbers of visitors from inside and outside the Kingdom perennially.

Saudi Arabia Weather Najran Province

Najran climate is characterized by variation in different terrain. In general, it is characterized as hot in the summer with rainfall in the mountainous region, creating a magical setting to the place. It is moderate to cold in the winter. Temperatures from winter to summer range between 14 and 37 degrees Celsius. The prevailing wind is from the East during winter, Eastern and Southeastern during the spring, and the Northeastern winds in the summer. The average wind speed is 6.6 km/hour.

Saudi Arabia Weather Jazan Province

Since Jazan province features a diversity of terrain, it also provides a unique and diverse environment. While, parts of Jazan are suitable as winter resorts, parts of it are suitable for beautiful summer resorts. Depending on your choice, you can visit it as summer or winter climate escapes.

In low plains, surrounded by mountains in the east and the sea in the West, it is very hot in summer. The average temperature is in the 30’s° Celsius and the maximum temperature exceeds 40°C. The sense of heat is more intense because of the associated high relative humidity. However, this climate changes as we head east, and reach the isolated mountains where the average temperature is in the 20’s° Celsius. These mountains serve as summer resorts, just like the Al-Sarawat Mountain. During winter, the climate in Jazan is moderate and pleasant, especially in the plains and shores, making it a beautiful winter destination for visitors who want to escape the severity of cold in other regions.

Saudi Arabia Weather Al-Jouf Province

Climate diversity in Al Jouf forms rare climatic fluctuations. The average maximum temperature is 42° Celsius in high summer, and in winter, the mean temperature is 8° Celsius. July is the hottest month of the year, while temperature drops in January, which is the coldest month in the year. The average rainfall is about 200 mm.


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