Saudi Arabia Women

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Saudi Arabia Women Daily Activity

Saudi Arabia Women are always treated like princess. They can not be touched by random persons. They can not be seen by random persons.

Saudi Arabia Women usually wear a kind of dress which is called Abaya. It’s a long dress, covering all parts of body, from neck to the tip of the toe. They usually use veils to cover their head. Even they cover their face with a special cloth named burqa.

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Saudi Arabia Women are special. Just like jewels, they are expensive. Based on my friend’s statement, Saudi Arabia Women can be married with minimum SAR 200k of dowry. They are also beautiful. When my wife and I went to Mall of Arabia in Jeddah in Thursday night, usually they open their face cover. My wife admitted that Saudi Arabian women are beautiful, “just like manequin”, she said.

I want to tell you that there are so many night sexy gown all over the markets in Jeddah. So, when did they use it? Usually, Saudi Arabian Women have their own private parties which only women can attend. Nah, usually they use this night sexy gown only in these kind of parties. At this rate, they use the abaya only when they’re outside building.

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