Saudi Arabian Breakfast

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Saudi Arabian Breakfast is mainly influenced by the tradition from Syams or Yemen. This article is about Saudi Arabian Breakfast. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about Saudi Arabian Breakfast. We will provide you the Arabic breakfast names with a little bit explanation also. We hope you enjoy it.

Saudi Arabian Breakfast

Saudi Arabian breakfast is quite delicious. The breakfast is actually quite simple. For Saudi Arabians, breakfast is a quality family time. Most Saudi Arabians have their breakfast at home with fruits, eggs, fresh vegetables including olives and dates. They sometimes eat Tamis and Foul or Lebanese mountain bread.

One of Saudi Arabian restaurant tries to serve the breakfast with very simple but important dishes of breakfast including balila, foul, flat breads prepared in a saj oven and served with Zater, grape leaves, falafel, white goat cheese and labneh, fresh honeycomb, pancakes, waffles, homemade dates jam, eggs (boiled, fried, poached, etc.), pastries and fresh fruits, a thick cream cheese made by draining yoghurt through cheese cloth and then drizzled with olive oil, green and black olives.

Eating those breakfast menu, one should have some sips of Turkish coffee or sweet tea in an Arabic atmosphere with music in the background. This will surely bring you a specific taste of Saudi Arabian culture.

It is quite hard to imagine if you do not taste it by yourself. I was living in Saudi Arabia for 6 years. It was nice experience to have Saudi Arabian breakfast with my colleague there.

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Arabic breakfast is not actually same in so many ways from the European or continental cuisines as it contains many healthy dishes such as plain bread with labneh and Zater, Hummus, dahl, foul mudumas, homemade jams, halawa (traditional soft Saudi sweet), falafel, scrambled eggs or Shashukah – which is a Saudi variation of scrambled eggs with traditional yellow tea with mint or Turkish Coffee or Ahwe Sada or traditional Arabic coffee. Falafel is quite popular in Syams and Egypt.

Hummus is super popular for breakfast too as it is a perfect appetizer and full of nutrition being made of chopped chickpeas with salt and olive oil, lemon and Tahini.

Foul is also a very familiar breakfast food among both Arabs and expatriates who like to eat it with labneh and bread with Zater.

The taste of those Arabic breakfast is still lingering in my tounge. I was working in the corniche road of Jeddah. It was really nice to have breakfast there with the menu above and the breeze of the sea air. Subhanallah wal hamdulillah.

Saudi Arabian Breakfast / Arabic Breakfast can be seen below:

saudi arabian breakfast

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