Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, Read this carefully!

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There are many people who are interested in Saudi Arabian Citizenship System. Some of them want to be Saudi Arabian Citizen. Saudi Arabian Citizen are powerful, this is for your information. They have things that expatriates do not have.

There are several notes that can be learned from Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, they are :

First Article
The following expressions are defined as
The System: The Saudi Arabian Citizenship system issued by the Royal Order no. 8/20/5604 dated in 22/2/1374 Hijra along with the modifications
The Citizenship: The Saudi Arabian Citizenship
The Legal Age: 18 and above
The Underage: Individuals who did not reach the legal age
The year: Lunar Hijra year
The Children: males and females

Second Article
Birth inside the Kingdom is proven by the Birth Certificate or any official document issued by the concerned authority. If not available, the birth is proven by the common proving methods such as certificates and registra
.tion of witnesses if they were sanctioned by the Mayor or any official identifier.

Third Article
According to this system; Citizenship applications are accepted from the concerned individual or his legal representative, and the Civil Affairs Administration or the Saudi Authority Representative abroad has the right to request his presence personally.

Forth Article
Citizenship applications are submitted according to the Article (8) of this system to the Civil Affairs Administration within one year of reaching the legal age.

Fifth Article
The year required for Citizenship applying is calculated starting from the next day of reaching the legal age.

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Seventh Article
The following procedures must be followed regarding Citizenship requests according to Article (8) :
Register the request in the incoming record, and the applicant must be provided by a coupon including number and date of his request.
Fill-in and sign the Citizenship request application no. (74) by the applicant, and apply his photo on the application then stamp it by the Administration.
Fill-in three copies of the information application no. (76).
Submit a facsimile of all the documents required from the applicant.
Explain to the applicant the Articles (11, 22, and 26) of this system and acquire his signature on that.

Those articles are 7 of 35 articles available in the regulation. To be able to be qualified for Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, you have to read and understand about all of the requirements. To learn more about Saudi Arabian Citizenship System, you can simply click HERE . I hope this article useful for you. Please subscribe for update.

Saudi Arabians are Dancing - Saudi Arabian Citizenship System - Credit Pict www,theapricity,com

Saudi Arabians are Dancing – Saudi Arabian Citizenship System – Credit Pict www,theapricity,com

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