Saudi Arabian Women has no longer needed Husband Approval for this thing.

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Saudi Arabian Women right is improved. Now, Women have the right under current laws to request caesarean sections without the consent of their husbands or guardians, according to a Shoura Council member. This is a good improvement in Saudi Arabia Society.

As reported by Arabnews, Mona Al-Mushait, who is also a professor and consultant in gynecology at King Khaled University, said permission is only required for hysterectomy operations for medical reasons, according to a report in a local publication on Wednesday.

Al-Mushait made these comments while presenting a paper entitled “Health Empowerment of Women Regionally and Globally” at the First Gulf Conference for Patient Rights in Riyadh.

Al-Mushait said more must be done to provide treatment for women beyond their reproductive years, including for communicable diseases.

“This move would help reduce high treatment costs for patients and deaths from illnesses such as breast cancer,” she said.

She said there should be specific programs provided for women with special needs, including those who lose their hearing or sight. This type of care has been stipulated under the country’s 10th development plan running until 2020.

The adoption of a women’s health program is in line with the Millennium Development Goals established in 2000, of which the Kingdom is a signatory. “The Kingdom is still working toward realizing these objectives and goals before the end of 2060,” she said.

“Health empowerment among women is something that has been of great concern over the past few years, locally, regionally and internationally,” she said. “The public and private health sectors in the Kingdom have evolved, thanks to God and the Kingdom’s ongoing efforts to support this vital sector.”

She said various programs have been adopted in the Kingdom, including by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. Academic programs such as the Princess Nora bint Abdullah Chair for Research on Women’s Health, and the Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi Chair for Women’s Health Rights have also been set up, she said.

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Other initiatives include the Breast Cancer Association, the Raeeda Association for Women’s Health, and the “Laha” initiative by the health ministry, which provides physical, psychological and social care for women.

We hope that this Saudi Arabian Women right improvement will make the society in Saudi Arabia better. This country is a nice country.

saudi arabian women - credit pict

saudi arabian women – credit pict

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