Saudi Arabians’ Perspective Regarding Indonesians

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I have been living in this country since 2010. I’m considered as new, but I know something about this country and the people. At least, I know the Saudi Arabians’ perspective regarding Indonesians. It is really interesting.

13 Saudi Arabians' Perspective Regarding Indonesians

Saudi Arabians’ Perspective Regarding Indonesians

I am an Indonesian. I’m working as Civil Engineer in one construction company in Saudi Arabia. There are so many Saudians do not know that there is Engineer in Indonesia. Yes, this is true, and funny.

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One time, somebody suddenly asked me to bring something for him disrespectfully. I was angry at that time. Well, you know, it’s normal, because I don’t work for him, and even recognize him. Suddenly he shouted at me, ordering me. haha

Another time, somebody suddenly asked me to work as his maid or driver, working at his home. This man didn’t even ask about my name, my current profession or something,…

You know what?! these are normal, these people, some of them, since they were born, their life has been in their homes, only. So many homes in Saudi Arabia, usually, have at least 1 Indonesian maid and/or 1 Indonesian Driver. So, this people, when they’re out of their homes, what they know only is that all Indonesians are maids and drivers.  :mrgreen:

Well, I have to repeat, it’s not all, but some of the people of Saudi Arabian seems that way. CMIIW.

I love KSA, trully love it. I hope something will change soon.

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  1. well… i have nothing to say, i just waiting the story when they realize who sampean really was ..hihihi

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