Saudi Arabians Social Values

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Saudi Arabians Social Values are very special. They’re completely different compare to other country in the world. They’re completely different from Eastern Asia, South-Eastern Asia, America and Europe. Saudi Arabians Social Values are unique.

18 Saudi Arabians Social Values

Saudi Arabia Women outside the house
Saudi Arabia Women are not allowed to go outside the house by themselves, alone. If they want to go outside, there should be husband (muhrim) or they should go with their women friends. If they have legal private driver, they can go with the driver.

Saudi Arabian Clothes
The clothes of Saudi Arabians should be strictly based on the shariah law (Islamic Law). For women, it’s a must to use Abaya (Black Gown) that cover all of the body curves. For men, the clothes should cover from shoulder to knees.

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Men-Women Interactions
In public facilities, women and men are divided. Usually they divided into sections, Single Section and Family Section. Single Section is for single men. Family Section is for families and women.

Women Driving a Car
It’s prohibited for women to drive a car or motorcycle. This is because the government wants to protect the women.

Working Hour for Market
Mini Market, Hypermarket and Supermarket should be closed during the Islamic Prayer Times. This is to respect the Islamic Way of life.

Working Days
In Saudi Arabia, the legal working days are Sunday until Thursday. Anyway, some company sometimes ask the workers to work on Friday and Saturday also.

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