Saudi Development Plan : The 6 Saudi Economic Cities

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82 King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh

Saudi Arabia Government is really on fire in developing the country. It gives so many good programs to the citizen. The programs are mental, housing and educational programs.

In Economic and Housing Sectors, Saudi Government, has been building 6 beautiful economic cities all over the kingdom.

The 6 economic cities are :
1. King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh
2. Prince Abdulaziz bin Musaid Economic City in Hael
3. Knowledge Economic City in Madinah
4. Jazan Economic City
5. Tabouk
6. Eastern Province

The government roles in these cities are as Regulator, Facilitator and Promoter. The private sector will work as capital provider, land owner and feveloper.

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The economic cities are being built by six key design principles. The first principle is that each city will be developed around at least one globally competitive cluster or industry, which will serve as an anchor and a growth engine for the city, around which other businesses will locate.

The second principle is that the cities will utilize their greenfield opportunity to adopt state-of-the-art technology solutions to make them truly competitive.

The third principle is that each city will be developed by the private sector, and will therefore generate major private investment opportunitiesin infrastructure, real estate and industry.

The fourth principle is that By Identifying and attracting core investors, core jobs will be created which will then spur other supporting services jobs.

The fifth principle is that to achieve our high aspirations in terms of job creation and investment volume, the cities need to offer an attractive lifestyle to grow beyond a mere industrial free zone.

The sixth principle is that the cities will enjoy a business friendly regulatory environment which is competitive to other free zones globally.

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