Saudi Iqama Status Check (Nitaqat Status : Red-Yellow-Green-Blue)

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Saudi Iqama Status Check (Nitaqat Status : Red-Yellow-Green-Blue)

Saudi Iqama Status Check (Nitaqat Status : Red-Yellow-Green-Blue)

If you want to know your Nitaqat Iqama Status for Iqama Renewal (Saudi Iqama Status Check), please simply click the link below :



If you want to know what is the meaning of Nitaqat Status Colors, you can check below :

Advantages :

  • Can hire anybody from any part of the world
  • Easier Visa processing
  • New visas with open professions through the electronic system
  • Can change professions of their workers even those that are restricted to Saudis
  • Condition-Free visa transfer

Advantages :

  • Can apply for new visas once in two months
  • Can change their foreign workers’ profession except to those restricted to Saudis
  • Six-month respite after the expiry of their zakat & revenue certificates
  • Can renew work permits of their employees

Conditions :

  • No new visas
  • Can get only one visa after the departure of two expatriates
  • Can not transfer visas and change professions
  • No working permit renewal for employees who have completed six years
  • No control on workers who can switch over to better zone companies

Conditions :

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  • Banned from change profession, transfer of visa, issuance of new visas and opening files for new branches
Saudi Iqama Status Check (Nitaqat Status : Red-Yellow-Green-Blue)

Saudi Iqama Status Check (Nitaqat Status : Red-Yellow-Green-Blue)

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203 Responses

  1. mashal says:

    Can i go pakistan if my iqama status is yellow

  2. Azhar Ali says:

    How can i remove huroob from my iqama ? Other sponsor ready to take my kafaaalat ….Your soonest reply with be highly appreciated

  3. habeeb hamed says:

    My kafil have red mark how can go to exit rentry

  4. habeeb hamed says:

    My kafil nitaqat is red I can go to exit rentry or its take a time

  5. arif says:

    My iqma states yellow and huroob how i nakal kafal plese tell me

  6. akash says:

    in how many days mofa number is issued after application filed, I was provided with only only visa, what would be the procedure or employer or agent just playing joke

  7. Keep it up! Very Explainative

  8. roderick says:

    how can i go home if my sponsor is die? but i have new sponsor but i want to go home now in phillippines ? what should i do? they dont issue me the iqama?]

  9. Dear friend I am civil engineer but my proffsn is labour can apply for family visa plz gv me gud idia I want my family here . . .

  10. Rizwan says:

    Brother i am from Pakistan, i am here on saiq khass visa, problem i m facing is 5 months have been passed but still i have no iqama, they are just giving me time from last 5 months, my condition is that i am doing job in jewllery making workshop dutty timings are 9 am to 12-1am means 16 hours without any over time, salary is 1000 sr, i am prisioned here even they dnt allow their worker to go outside either its Friday, Sir thing is that i want release from this jail, how can u help me for this, Hope for ur quick response, Thanks

    • The condition that you don’t hold iqama is dangerous, both for you and for your company.

      This is probably because your company has Nitaqat problems. Or they don’t have money to renew your iqama.

      If you go out, then the jawazat catch you, this will be a problem with you and your company.

      The overtime is your right.
      Basically, if a worker does not receive the payment, he has to go to ministry of labor. But for your case, it is not a good idea to go to mol.

      I suggest you to contact your Embassy or Consulate in Jeddah. They know how to deal with this kind of situation.

      I hope you can solve this.

  11. Rab Nawaz khan says:

    My kafil is low green can i transfer to another one

  12. wazir ahmad says:

    any body chek this iqama status 2393432105

  13. shahbaz says:

    My iqama status is green and someone made a request for tanajul. …but I want to go other company it is possible now. …and for how many days the request will be?

  14. Nad says:

    Is there any scope of changing from one sponsor to other without knowing to earlier sponsor

  15. Shafeeque says:

    Hi my eqama carection name only english no arbi

  16. Amjad says:

    Iqama chak 2339880110 red wewe

  17. Amjad says:

    chak red gureen wwe

  18. tahir iqbal says:

    pllz check my iqama wich color

  19. Hai harbun gandi my iqama is average green any information for changing tha company is possible

  20. rajan says:

    my iqama is average green is it possible for tanazil and transfer to
    other company without concern of existing company

  21. Shahzib says:

    I want to change my profession second time on yellow iqama??Can i do it

  22. Dinesh says:

    Hello my ikama status is green but my ikama already expired can i tanazul any other kapil withount my existing my kapil permissiom

  23. Mushtaq says:

    Hi sir my company has red.and my iqama was renival before two months Bos hold my passport. So I wana change transfer to new Bos .how can I change my new transfer.he never give exit.may be he will give exit & re entry.

    • If the company is red, you do not need to ask permission from your current company to transfer.

      The company is forbidden to hold your iqama.

      the solution is that you have to take the passport and go directly to your new boss.

  24. Qaisar ali says:

    Sir my iqama statas is yello my iqama is expir but compny did not renewvel can i get the nakal kafala if can what is the best way to get kafala

    • It is quite easy to naqel kafalah for yellow company employees.
      if your iqama is not renewed in 2/3 months (check other article in this website about condition to transfer company), you can transfer company even without your current company permission.

  25. mahfooz says:

    how can i remove huroob from my iqama, my iqama status yellow, other sponsor ready to take my kafaalat.

  26. My iqama yeiow how can tanajul

  27. mohd alam says:

    Hi sir im new aftar 10 day may tree month finish in sAudi my statu yello sir my visa transfer for new campany this possibel

  28. Waseem.Akram says:

    Please check my iqama red or green. My iqama number 2393167941.

  29. Sherwin says:

    Good day sir, i’ved been working in jeddah last 2010 and i went home around september for an emergency, then unfortunately i did’nt go back to saudi. And i checked my huroob it indicates ” red is too small” what that means? My case now is im going to canada and my flight is connecting i have 2 hours stop over in saudi airport, i just want to know if there will be no problem for me when i stay in saudi? And i’ ved read an article that huroob will last long for 5years, so it means from september 2010-present does it means that my huroob already cleared? Thank you, godbless. I will wait for your response asap

    • I think that there will be no problem with your flight. Your huroob should be over in 2015. Beside, you will only stop over for two hours, this means that you do not need to pass immigration officers.

      small red, as far as I know, this indicates your saudi company’s condition, not your condition. this means very bad.

  30. anonymous says:

    my iqama status is green high, what does it mean? can i return to saudi for new employment?

    • the color indicates your company condition, which is stated in the article above.
      if you do not have any problem with the government, you should be able to go to Saudi.

  31. Qaisar says:

    My iqama stay as is yellow iqama is renew well already can I change my kafeal

  32. Udgar udgar says:

    My iqama yellow iqama no. 2397500436 i need kafil change how posibal

  33. Sir I m new here and my kafeel was in red so if he paid the grama fees then how many days will be taken to turned into green ……

  34. hunair says:

    Salam How are u all My iqama status is
    yallow I have five years iqama so my iqama can renew or can’t

  35. Muhammad azam khan says:

    Hi..Bro. ..I have problem I m new nd my shirka has give iqama without madical nd the new thing i this the iqama is valid on 3 month nd witch 2 month nd 9 days i also spent with them nd 21 days are reamaning. I also checked iqama validaty on ask the old employees in saudi arabia but thay tel me I have never seen before. .I m so many confused nd tense what the shirka is going to do with our. ..nd in the all time of period thay are not giving ous pay nd work…plz guide me i m so tense. .

    • Are you alone or there are people suffering just like you in your company?

      If you are not alone, you can invite your friends to go with you to your manager to talk about your conditions.

      If you are alone, I suggest you to go to your General Consulate (Safarah) or Embassy nearby to talk about this.

    • Muhammad azam khan says:

      Ok Bro thanks. ..

    • mahfooz says:

      hi. my kafeel make huroof before a year go, but now my kafeel color red.
      now an other kafeel ready to take sponsorship. how can possible

    • I am quite sure that your other kafeel knows what to do.
      leave everything to him.

  36. md fayaz says:

    hi sir i am coming from india 4month befour my agent masry sir i am give him my iqama fee but hi is nut making my iqama hi calling me today tomorrow what can i do sir please help me

  37. Muhammad azam khan says:

    Hi Bro want to ask that my visa named is عامل نظافة نوافذ this. ND wht works r legal on this visa. Bcz some one tell me u can work every think on this visa. Is the all works r legal on this visa.nd how can I find mor details about this bcz I want to them all details about this kindly nd plz guide me hurry. ..

    • Bro,
      it is a working visa for cleaning job.
      based on the rule, you have to work in cleaning.
      but the reality, you can work anything you want, based on what your manager ask.

  38. Badrodin Masukat says:

    What that is mean may iqama status is platanum what color it belongs?

  39. Badrodin Masukat says:


  40. Abdullah says:

    It shows…..
    لا يوجد عاملين بالمواصفات المسجل
    There are no specifications of registered workers
    What’s that mean????????

  41. BunnyDeepak says:

    Hai, I came back India from riyad last july 2015 with out final exit, and its been 1 year, now can i go to Dubai o tourist visa?

  42. Sayeed says:

    Hello sir, my kafil is in Yellow now. I want to transfer my iqama. I asked him for kafala but he refused. So, If it is possible to transfer iqama on yellow without the permission of kafil then what is the procedure? Do I have to go labour office or my new kafil can directly apply talab and transfer?

    • Your new kafeel knows how to deal with your situation now.
      Actually, as far as I know, if the Kafeel is in Yellow, they have no power to hold you, you can transfer.

    • BunnyDeepak says:

      Hai Sir, Could you please help me, I came back india without final EXit in July 2015 from Riyad, Can I go to Dubai on tourist visa?

  43. ahmed ali says:

    sar my kafeel naqat status is low green Can I changed my kafeel…..

  44. Sir i am from owner company is in yellow.and he do not have his own work.lam working outside.he force me to take 70 percent from my work. What i can do.can you give me some good advice.

  45. shabbir says:

    HI Harbun,
    I am back to UAE without final exit and i have green Iqama, is this would be a problem for my UAE profession.

  46. Krishna says:

    Hello harbun sir,
    I went to Saudi Arabia on June 2014 for work purpose. But due to some salary problem with the company I came back from there within 6 months with final exit. During working period company made my iqama and also I have exit paper from the company. I came from there on September 2014. Exactly before 2 years. Now I am getting a job for Saudi Arabia. My question is can I go back to Saudi again for work. Can you please check my iqama status. Wheather company put any objection on my profile. My iqama no is 2372148268. Waiting for your response dear Sir.

  47. Aris says:

    Hello please check my iqama 2382935928 my contract will be finish on march 8,2017 and i want to transfer another company it will be possible or not??

  48. Yasir says:

    Hello Mr Gandi,

    My iqama status is showing “Red is too small”. What’s that means? Now i am taking transfer from my previous sponser, so i just want to ask you Red is too small status is ok or there could bee some problem.
    Waiting for your reply.


  49. Jayron says:

    Gud pm sir im a pilipino my sponsor is in red status u think i have a chance to tranfer to other company..pls reply sir thanks

  50. Jayron says:

    I finish my 2.yrs contract i want to transfer other company because i dont have a day’off and i rent house and my duty is 13.hours in my 2.yrs they never give my original iqama my sponsor is in red status..u think sir.i have a chance…to tranfer?plsss reply thanks again……

  51. Assalamwalekum… hello friends, my iqama number is 2403950609. Kindly tell me, can i get transfer or not. Thank you.

    • wa’alaykumussalam.
      Everybody can transfer company, Bro.
      Try to check your nitaqat in the system, if it is red or yellow, it will be easy.

    • Jayron says:

      Sir my iqama is red how can i tranfer

    • Bro,
      it is quite hard to transfer if your nitaqat is Green.
      Your nitaqat is red, this means that you don’t even need a permission from your company to transfer.
      just get your passport with you and go to the next company, it should be easy.

    • Jayron says:

      Yes sir my sponsor is in red status but my big problem..since i arrive here in saudi arabia my sponsor take my passport..pls sir reply can you give me other best way to tranfer easy thank you sir

    • Your company does not have the right to keep your passport.
      This is based on the latest labor law.
      You can take your passport simply by making a letter to your company.
      If they insist to keep the passport, you can report to jawazat.

    • SAIDUR RAHMAN says:

      What is the procedure of transferring in yellow! I contacted with some saudis and they said U can’t transfer in yellow!

  52. Georgios Moraitis says:

    I have all ready tranfer localy my iqama once before 2 years ago.
    My First employer gave properly NOC to my current emploer with out any problem and my iqama is all ready 2 years with my new sponsor
    My contract finish due to project’s completion and i have all ready a new offer from another company
    The problem is that my current employer is not giving me release due to company’s policy.
    The questions i have to ask actually are 2

    1. As per my contract which has signed 2 years ago i had signed 1 month notice ,but the SLL has changed all ready to 2 months notice….do i have the right to ask the second month?
    2. I do not know my companys status RED , YELLOW , GREEN….but as far i know ,if my iqama has being all ready tranfered once ,and as far i have an open offer i can tranfered to the other company what ever their policy may be…

    Please Advise me!!


  53. Ikram says:

    Bro I iqama status is is very small green and I want take transfer to another company but request is not going showing error is there niqaat issue

  54. Jayron says:

    Hi sir my sponsor is in red status i want to transfer in another company i finish my 2.years contract to then i hope i can transfer even my iqama is valid till 1 year again plsss….reply sir i need your advice…thanks

  55. Jayron says:

    Sir you mean even my iqama is valid till another 1.yr? i finish my 2.yrs contract thank you again sir.

  56. Notedo says:

    Dear sir,
    My nitaqat shows red, and I have a specialist iqamma. am I eligible to apply family dependant visa??

  57. Jayron says:

    Sir wy labor office sed transfer if you are farmer even im in red status…wath is truth?

  58. Jayron says:

    In my iqama im a farmer but my work is sale’s assistant in animal & agriculture product..but i want to look another work yes my sponsor is in red status sir what i need to do now? Thanks

  59. Jayron says:

    Sir what if my sponsor change my iqama red ststus it is posible & how much the cost…thanks sir

  60. Ramay says:

    Hello there bro my company status is very little green is that possible to renew iqama?

  61. Jayron says:

    Sir can yo reply to my question..

  62. Asif raza says:

    Hi.. dear I checked my shirka status It is yellow. In this condition can I go to Pakistan for 3 months. 2ND# is it possible to renew my iqama in yellow status. Last date of iqama expirey is the end of this month. Please let me know.. thanks

  63. usman says:

    how many days required form yellow to green my company
    Plz yell me

  64. Asif raza says:

    Hi I m driver here saek siyara amumi. Can I bring my family here on visit visa?

  65. Ahmed khan says:

    Salam walekum am new in ksa and my sponsor in yellow status can he make my Iqama

  66. Jayron says:

    Sir harbun someone told me i dont have chance to transfer in another company if my visa is farmer can you reply please…sir

    • May be he is right.
      It is quite hard to transfer if your visa designation is at labor level.
      But you can still try.

      I had one co-worker who try to apply to other company, he cannot transfer, but he is asked to leave to home country then the new company gave him working visa to comeback.

  67. Edwin says:

    Gud pm bro..May status our iqama is green..Piro Ang problema bro mag dalawang taon na xpire Ang iqama ko..poro nalang pangako na e renew piro wLa naman..Ano bah Ang gagawin ko bro..Mag Kano bah Ang penalty sa iqama taga taon

  68. Yousaf khan says:

    Sir, in my iqama 17 days remaining to expire and i want to renew it but my kafeel is telling lei.that iqama is red he want a lot off can i check this? Red or green

  69. imean says:

    hi dear harbun iam on azad visa my sponsor comny is in light green i get a gud offer in other compny my sponsor is agreed to released me what you think can i face any problem to trabsfer another compny thanks plz reply

  70. imean says:

    thanks alot brother

  71. Sharyar says:

    2407183249 plz check colour of my Kafeel colour. Green. Red. Yellow.

  72. zianbutt says:

    helo sir my iqama is green low and also haroob now what i do can i transfar to other kafeel i have case on my kafeel he not give me iqama only copy of iqama i have im here from last 8 month plz tell me what i do if u understand me plz i will be wait

  73. zianbutt says:

    thanks sir for your coment but my iqama is valid till 6 month

  74. Venkat says:

    Hi, my iqma is valid till 1438/04/13, showing geen, I am out of saudiarabia. what can I do to renew.

  75. subhash says:

    if our iqma is red we can chnage company?

  76. jameel says:

    hi respected sir
    I came Pakistan from ksa on the leave for 3 month now I going to other country its possible or not
    please tell me solution .Thanks

    • Hi Bro,
      As far as I know, it is OK if you do that.
      I have a friend who took vacation to Pakistan, then he traveled to Indonesia for a certification. I think he had no problem with that. So, I think there will be no problem with you too.

  77. Nicky says:

    Hi bro can you check my iqama color and status thanks

  78. Nicky says:

    This is my iqama number 2252085234

  79. Mohammad khalid says:

    Dear Sir we have 4 people put case in labour court last 3 month but after 2 month kafeel put in our iqama . In which time we put case in labour court that time our company in red line but in this time the company in green line then how can we change tanajul to other company the other company is ready for take tanajul please give me some good suggestion, my Iqama number is 2414890885

    • The main issue for tanajul/transfer company is the agreement between your current company and your next company.
      If you want to transfer, I suggest you to talk to your current manager to give you approval for transfer. If he approve, then talk to your next company, you will be able to transfer company easily.

  80. Muhammad shaban says:

    My iqama is now green low. So how can i transfer my iqama another kafeel.My iqama date more two month .Can i transfer my iqama another kafeel.Thanks.

  81. Irfan Yaqoob says:

    My Aqama status is low green can I take final exit or nakalkafala through labor court because my kafeel demand a lot of money can you guide me in detail please.

    • You can only do nakeel kafalah if your previous company approve it.
      The fee will be SR 2000 if it doesn’t change. The one who will pay is your next company.

      If you want to go final exit, you can.

  82. Irfan Yaqoob says:

    Sir as I said my present kafeel is demanding lot of money how can I go at final exit.

  83. Irfan Yaqoob says:

    Sir my Aqama is expired and my company’s insurance has expired and nataqat is low green, is it possible to change my sponsorship without informing my previous sponsor

  84. Thameem Rafeel says:

    Assalamu alaikkum folks
    i am new to saudi from India my profession is Network technician but my visa is labour sad haha///
    and also status is yellow..any advice for me …coz i am Bachelor in IT degree holders
    help me friends…

  85. zianbutt says:

    helo sir i have haroob on my iqama now in three month can i go back my country without any problam and can i come back with new visa i dont have pasport

  86. zulfiqar ali says:

    sir i have free visa my kafeel is doing huroob ilegaly i have pay 6000 riyal already but now he is telling more 5000 riyal i have problem wat can i do this

  87. Rameez ali says:

    Hi sir can you check my iqama colour and status bcoz i dought my huroob.i am from Pakistan.

  88. Rameez ali says:

    Iqama no 2390727143

  89. faisal says:

    What is maximum age for job in KSA, i want go to KSA for office job. pls urgent reply me

  90. abdul jalil says:

    my iqama ex 29/11 hij this can I change kofil.I m back before 3days from bangladesh. I m so weak. treatment is runing in I want to go bangladesh for 3 months or for it possible. please help me.

  91. Mahabi says:

    How can transfer new company… i came to here 2 month 15 days. can i my iqama transfer now? and what meaning of green low.. pls sir urgently ans me

  92. Mahabi says:

    my iqama low green… what i can cange my kafeel? and i want to going to join the new company.. pls sir give me your advice

  93. md sahab alam says:

    hi sir my name is md sahab alam my company name itll(inspection&test lab) in alkhober my company not given sellery from 4 months and not given food allowns if i ask send me india my maneger ask give 10000 reyal and go plz help me sir

  94. Thabsheer says:

    Now My sponser has yellow category,my iqama has expiry within 25 days ,am completed with my sponser now 34-36 months(3years).can I renew iqama?

    my sponser office say that please wait some time,I want urgently gone india ,what do iam?

  95. Thabsheer says:

    My iqama was expired within 25 days ,my sponsor has now yellow category,I completed with my sponsor has 34-36 months(3years),I give his office to renewal that,he told me wait please,now I want urgently gone india
    What I do?
    Is it renewable ?

    • Harbun says:

      there is nothing you can do.
      this is quite problematic.
      you have to wait until you get your iqama if you want to go to India.

      it will be renewed, you have to be patient. company with yellow status finds that it is quite difficult to renew iqama.

  96. Genesis Calamiong says:

    Assalamualaikum modir. Ive work in Saudia for almost 3 years. i escaped from my 1st employer for non salary, kapeel put me on huroob. And my 2nd employer where i transfered cant give me a new iqama. Thats why i applied for amnesty, here now in the Philippines for almost 7mos. Question is, AM I BANNED TO ENTER SAUDIA AGAIN FOR WORK? thank you so much.

    • Harbun says:

      I think you are banned to enter Saudi right now.
      This situation is quite complicated.
      You should have report to your embassy if the employer did not give you salary.

  97. Genesis Calamiong says:

    Thanks for your help. But there’s a blog that amnesty holders can return back to Saudia for work. Duno if this is true. Anyway, shukran modir. Assalamualaikum.

  98. umer says:

    If Company in yellow so can we renew iqama?

    • Harbun says:

      My Iqama was in Yellow at that time and I could renew my Iqama.
      Usually the company will try to change it to at least low green to renew the iqama.

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