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Saudi Jawazat is the name we usually use to call Saudi Arabia Immigration Office. All things related to Saudi jawazat iqama, passport, iqama (Resident Permit), visa and such things businesses are done by Saudi Arabia Jawazat or Saudi Arabia Immigration Office. If you want to check khurooj nihai, you do that also in its office or website. If you just came to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you may hear all people mention “Saudi Jawazat” very often. If you do not know the meaning then this article will surely help you a lot.

Saudi Jawazat

Saudi Jawazat is a part of the Ministry of Interior in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ( In english, literally we can call this organization as General Directorate of Passports. This institution is responsible for everything related to immigration in Saudi Arabia. It take control of Saudi Citizen Passports and all expatriates iqama. This institution is the one who is responsible for naqal maloomat onlinenew iqama issuance, iqama renewal, exit re entry visa (khurooj wa audah) and final exit visa (khurooj nihai). This is very important information that all expatriates living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should know about this.

Saudi Arabia Jawazat Official website is, but you can access all of its facilities by going to the website of Ministry of Interior in If you want to go to the offices of the Jawazat, then you can go to these following addresses:

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Jawazat Office in Riyadh
Riyadh Passport Office
King Fahd Branch Road
Al Murabba
Saudi Arabia

Jawazat Office in Jeddah
Jeddah Passport Office
Abdullah Balkhayr
Al Baghdadeyah Al Sharqiyah
Saudi Arabia

Jawazat Office in Dammam
Eastern Province Passport Office
9th Street
Saudi Arabia

saudi jawazat

Saudi Arabia Government system for jawazat is really good. All expatriates living in Saudi Arabia will not find many problem with that. So we hope that this article can be useful for you. If you need to know about Saudi Arabia Jawazat or anything, please be free to put your comment in the comment form below.

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