Scuba Diving in Saudi Arabia

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Scuba Diving in Saudi Arabia


The Red Sea has warm and safe water and large numbers of fish. Its water is suitable for practicing scuba diving, and also its weather is perfect for swimming, sailing, and fishing for most of the year.

Here, you will find some of the most interesting natural sites in the world to practice scuba diving.

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Northern Ubhur

A large number of wonderful diving sites nearby hotels and resorts, and many non-diving activities are also available, such as golf, and jet skis.

Al-Bilad Beach

Here, there are magnificent sites located in the beginning of Sharm Ubhur. This beach is one of the favorite for the local residents.


It is a short wooden barrier reducing the sea depth. Hence, it is appropriate to learn scuba diving and night diving. The area is served by a diving equipment shops, and a team of professional trainers, and a medical clinic.

When you are in Jeddah, if you like diving, I recommend you to try the diving spots. You will get the real fun right there.

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