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Sponsor ID number in Saudi Arabia can be checked by doing several methods. By the way, what is sponsor ID in KSASponsor ID means the number of your sponsor identity (a kind of iqama). Why we should know the sponsor ID number? Because this is sometimes asked when you want to fill some forms in our consulate of our country. In Indonesian General Consulate in Jeddah, if we want to do vacation, we have to make one letter. To get this letter, we need to fill a form in which we should write our sponsor ID number.

Sponsor ID Number in Saudi Arabia

There are several ways how to check sponsor id in KSA, they are:

First way how to know sponsor ID number is to check your working visa in your passport.

You have to check the page for the visa. On the page, you will see the word “sajal” written in arabic. If you can find it, the you should see the number next to it. That is the Sponsor’s ID number.

sponsor id number

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Second way how to get sponsor ID Number is to check it in MOI Absher System.

You have to log in to the website moi.gov.sa. Then, go to dashboard. Then, go to E-Services. Then, go to Family Visa Service. Click it, then you will find an option. You have to choose New Family Visa Application. In this page, you will see your Sponsor Name and Number.

Third way how to find sponsor ID number is to ask about it to your HR Office.

Yes, this is pretty easy. But if you find some lazy Saudi Arabian HR Officer, do not be angry. Just be nice to him. Make some jokes, then try to convince him to check it for you.

You cannot find any sponsor ID in iqama. It is not written there. You can find the sponsor ID in Saudi visa, in your passport as the picture above.

I hope this article is useful for you. If you have any more idea to check this sponsor ID name and number in Saudi Arabia, please tell me. Please check the articles below if you need some recommendation about something.

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