Steel Weight Calculator Free Download for Building Structure

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Steel Weight Calculator – In the world of construction, there is one important role that provide the material quantity information. This job is called Quantity Surveyor or in some place we can call them estimator. Quantity surveying can take times, depends on the complexity of the construction project. Some Quantity Surveyors works in the office at Estimation Department, and some of them quantifies all materials on site. On site, Quantity Surveying should be fast and accurate. Especially when the structural is going on, the Quantity Surveyor will have to work as a super fast steel calculation software. This is to deliver the steel quantity information as soon as possible to be purchased.

The existence of a practical Steel Weight Calculator software is needed. There are several Steel Calculator softwares which are not practical and heavy to be used in common computers. So what we really need is a Steel Weight Calculator Software which is really light, portable and having good features.

Structural Steel Weight Calculator Free Download

Quantity Surveyor needs Steel Weight Calculator. Fortunately, We have one of them. Inside the calculator, we metal tube weight calculator also. This software is for calculating Steel Quantity. If you want one, you can simply click this following link :

Steel Weight Calculator Free Download
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By using Steel Weight Calculator, you can calculate steel quantity very fast. You will not get steel weight calculation table, but you can calculate the steel very easily. You can even calculate the I Beam without referring to i beam weight calculation formula. You can use this software simply by clicking the available steel option (Plate, Pipe, Round Bar, WF, UNP, Lipped Channel, Angle), then filling the available form (Parameter). After that, click the “calculate” and see the “result”. The steel weight calculation will be done automatically by the software.

You can see the screenshot of the steel calculator software below :

Steel Weight Calculator Free Download

You do not need steel calculation table or steel bar weight calculator formula if you have this steel calculator. I hope this is useful for you. Don’t forget to donate to the maker of the software mentioned in “about”. He has done a great job and deserve something. If you need update, please “subscribe”. You might need to read these following related articles too.

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