Time Needed to Change Iqama Profession

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Well, this question “what time needed to change iqama profession” often comes up to my search stats, so I’ll try to answer it based on my experience. Last year, on 2013, I tried to change my Iqama Profession to Civil Engineer. It worked, alhamdulillah. But it took really long to change this profession.

Time Needed to Change Iqama Profession

04 Iqama

One of the requirements to change the iqama to Engineer is that we have to be a member of Saudi Council of Engineering (SCE). Applying this Council is easy, if you have original documents. It takes around 1 day, actually, but, for me, it took 3 months to get membership.

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It took 3 months because the SCE Officers forgot to review my documents, so at that time I went to the office on Baladiyah Road, Jeddah, to confirm this, and it’s nice, in around 15 minutes the review is done and I become member of SCE.

After this membership things, I sent all of the documents related to change iqama profession to the admin officer in my company. Well, it took another 3 months. I am not sure why it was like that, but it’s quite patience-testing.

So, the conclusion is that the time I needed to change my Iqama Profession was approximately 6-7 months.

Good luck for you who are trying to do this!!!

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