Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

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Several days ago, we posted an article about the process to transfer sponsorship and general condition in Saudi Arabia. Today, we will post about what are the requirements to transfer sponsorship in Saudi Arabia.

transfer sponsorship in saudi arabia

Requirements to Transfer Sponsorship in Saudi Arabia

This information is correct and confirmed. So, here are the requirements to transfer sponsorship in Saudi Arabia :

We cannot transfer sponsorship if any of the following conditions exist :

  1. Traffic violations present against employee
  2. Traffic violations present against new sponsor
  3. The employee’s passport is expired.
  4. There is no approval for sponsorship transfer to new sponsor from the ministry of labor.
  5. The status of the employee is not “runaway”.
  6. No sufficient funds are available for services transfer
  7. The employee has valid exit re-entry or final exit

Categorized sponsor rules for Sponsorship Transfer
For sponsorship transfer – Non-Domestic Workers
Allow ONLY sponsor with number of employees less than 100.

The sponsorship transfer can be done as the following only :
– From individual sponsorship to individual company sponsorship.
– From individual company sponsorship to another individual company sponsorship.

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