Transferable Iqama Meaning | What is Transferable Iqama

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This article talks about What is Transferable Iqama. When we are looking for a job in Saudi Arabia in gulftalent[dot]com or bayt[dot]com we find the words “Transferable Iqama“. This time, I want to explain about the meaning of Transferable Iqama.

Transferable Iqama Meaning

Transferable Iqama means that the holder of the Iqama (employee) doesn’t have to work for the Kafeel (employer) which is stated in Iqama (marked with red rectangle in the picture below). So this Transferable Iqama holder can work in any company in Saudi Arabia in anywhere and anytime he/she wants. Below is a picture of non-transferable iqama.

04 Iqama Transferable Iqama

Usually, the Transferable Iqama holder having some agreements with the Kafeel to arrange the renewal of this kind of Iqama. Some people said that the Kafeel asks for SAR 12k per year or 3k per year, depends of the profession which is stated in the Iqama.

If you want to make this Iqama that is transferable, please be careful. Recently the government of KSA forbid the issue of Transferable Iqama. The Iqama Holder must work under the Kafeel which is stated in Iqama. This Transferable can be considered as illegal practice, in some ways.

The Transferable Iqama meaning above is for the illegal ones. For the real legal iqama, you can check the information below:

What Does Iqama Mean?

What is the meaning of iqama? Iqama meaning in English is Resident Permit. Iqama meaning in Hindi is निवास परमिट (nivaas paramit). Iqama meaning in Urdu is رہائشی اجازت نامہ . Iqama meaning in Tamil is குடியுரிமை அனுமதி (Kuṭiyurimai aṉumati). Basically, after you come to Saudi Arabia for working, you need to have this Iqama, otherwise you will be deported.

How to get transferable iqama Saudi Arabia?

I want you to know that basically all Iqama is transferable. An Iqama is transferable when the kafeel allow the iqama holder to transfer to other company. To transfer to other company, you have to check iqama status whether it is red, green or yellow by clicking this link below.

moi iqama check red green

How to know if iqama is transferable?

It is easy to know if Iqama is transferable or not. You can simply go to your direct Manager or HR Manager for sure. The manager will let you know. This is because of your Iqama status and HR Manager policy.

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119 Responses

  1. SK ABDULLAH says:

    Good Morning,
    thanks to be a valueable knowledge.

  2. Augustus says:

    Sir, I want to know if my iqama is transferable.
    please check this link:
    I need your answer sir Harbun.
    Thank you

    • Bro, I need you Iqama Number, can you give it to me?

    • Augustus says:

      Sir this is my iqama number

    • Bro, your company is in Green Zone, which means in a good condition, which means also that you can not transfer easily.
      But if you can talk to your manager in charge, you can transfer.
      Basically, all iqamas are transferable, the problem is the kafeel, if they let you go, you can go,…
      But when their zone is yellow or red, you can transfer without their permission.

      for more information, please read the related articles under the post above.
      I hope this answer help you

    • raja ibrar says:

      SIR please give me some info…
      i ibrar from Pakistan i was working in Pakistan as Draftsman i have 3 years experience.
      where i am working that company call me as draftsman but now thy have give me job as electronics technician even i don’t know about electronics and thy are paying me 1200sar i am not happy i want to change that company my iqama also not transferable ….
      so what will you say about my problem…… any solution ?

    • You should find any company which can issue you new visa. If you can find one, it will ask you to go exit, then you will come to Saudi Arabia again using new visa.
      Or, you can just go exit and find another better job using job agency in your country.
      goodluck, bro…

    • raja ibrar says:

      Bro I have find but my company not accepting my exit thy are asking if youw want exit then u have to pay 5000 sar. Nd any other slution can I case against my company

    • Bro, what is the reason they asked you SAR 5000 ?
      That is ridiculous.

      How many years have you been in that company?
      eh, by the way, what’s the name of the company?

    • raja ibrar says:

      The name of company al hana trading group. Mentinance company. I have join 70 days ago to this company im new here and thy are not paying me still .
      I am draftman but in this company workings as labour.
      The reason of 5000 sar that im not completing my 2 years contract becz company not paying me im educated but company destroying my future.

      Can I get kafala easily or not?

    • How did you end like that?
      How’s the contract?
      You should work same as contract.
      Working for 70 days without salary, means you have to call for Jawazat/Ministry of Labor/Police help.
      You can have naqil kafalah without their permission if in your first 90 days you can not get your iqama.

      Usually, if a person exit before his first 2 years, they will give penalty, but this rule is not fixed. Because I have friend who exit before 2 years and nothing happens.
      If you can’t get your right, check to Ministry of Labor.

      You can study the Saudi Arabia Labor Law in this link :

    • raja ibrar says:

      Im waiting for ur reply.
      Ur website is very good.
      Can u share ur cell no?

    • raja ibrar says:

      Bro I have get iqama. But not yet salary nd my own field. If company don’t pay me within next 20 days then can I get kafala without my kafeel permission?

    • I am not sure,
      But it’s a good idea to go to Ministry of Labor.
      Or, try to look for another job, then ask your new employer about this case.

    • raja ibrar says:

      Bro we are 5 persons . Company not paying us can we cal to jawazat now?

    • You have the right to tell the police about this problem.
      It’s professional.
      But remember, please learn about the contract again.
      I hope you get what you want.

    • raja ibrar says:

      After 5 days I’ll complete 90 days
      In ksa without salary. So can I get nakilkafala?

    • The condition of salary is not for Naqil Kafaalah.
      I mean that for this salary reason, you should report to Ministry of Labor Saudi Arabia.

      For Naqil Kafaalah, it’s possible when you can’t get your iqama in 90 days, as this following article :

  3. Augustus says:

    Thank you sir…

  4. srinivas says:

    What are the terms and conditions of transferable Iqama and what will be the cost of it? I need the full information about transferable Iqama.

    • There is no specific terms or something related to Transferable Iqama.
      Please read the related posts also and the comments for further information.

      Iqama is actually all transferable, as long as the Kafeel allows you to transfer.

  5. ESL Teacher says:

    hi there i am currently on a work visit visa for 90 days, this is my first month with this company, i heard from HR that i will not be getting an iqama :-( i have a husband and three children that i need with me. Can i apply now for another job and leave this recruiting company? What is the process and who can i approach to assist me. The recruiter as also kept my passport since i arrived over a month ago, what can i do, please assist me. ESL Teacher


    Dear Sir,
    My Original iquama was issued under zoraida steel as my kaffel , but after 2 years they transfer me with other company which operated by the same owner and changed my kaffel name in iquama under zoraida metal factories, is this conclude that my iquama is transferable? and able to leave the company and find another job in kingdom? please advice. Thanks

  7. is dependent visa from husband can be transferrable? can they transfer sponsorship to other company or hospital? thanks.

    • We cannot transfer sponsorship if any of the following conditions exist :
      1. Traffic violations present against employee
      2. Traffic violations present against new sponsor
      3. The employee’s passport is expired.
      4. There is no approval for sponsorship transfer to new sponsor from the ministry of labor.
      5. The status of the employee is not “runaway”.
      6. No sufficient funds are available for services transfer
      7. The employee has valid exit re-entry or final exit

      Categorized sponsor rules for Sponsorship Transfer
      For sponsorship transfer – Non-Domestic Workers
      Allow ONLY sponsor with number of employees less than 100.

      The sponsorship transfer can be done as the following only :
      – From individual sponsorship to individual company sponsorship.
      – From individual company sponsorship to another individual company sponsorship.

      source :

      So, you can do that…
      I hope this is useful, good luck!

  8. edzky says:

    Hi sir Harbun

    In 2008 my first company facing financial problem my employer gave me a release paper that gave me a chance to transfer to other company my question now can i get release paper again to my second employer after six year in service because I want to transfer to other company again in the kingdom . my 2nd question is my iqama transferable because my 2nd employer did not bring me here in saudi in the beginning.i hope you can help me.

  9. AEROLAD says:

    Hello Sir. I am new in Saudi Arabia. I would like to know whether my employer has green, red or yellow mark. Could you help me? Thanks.

  10. Syed Ali says:

    respected sir my name is Ali.
    Sir, one of my paternal uncle is working in Al-jubail, Now he send me a Visit Visa, can i work there on visit visa?if yes, let me know some of ways that i should prepare about it from my country itself……please let me know…….i completed my Masters in Computer Applications.But no Boundaries for work, I am ready to do any work….

  11. Syed Ali says:

    sir, thank you, your site has great flexibilities in providing answers….. keep informing….thank you onces again…

  12. Syed Ali says:

    Marhaban,sir, is it good to make my educational certificate attested before i go in search of job to Al-jubail on visit visa?or else, i shall get them afterwards?

    • It’s a good idea Bro.
      But I have to tell you that the company you are going to work might not need it. If you have the original, it’s enough.
      For further process, government will ask about that.

      It’s not necessary, but if you can get you certificate attested,, get it.

  13. Hi Sir,
    I just want to take an advice from you, because now I’m still confused.. I’m a nurse here in Jeddah, I want to take my husband here.. but I dont know what is better, should I buy a free visa? I know its illegal but he can choose any work here if its free visa because some of the hospitals here they want transferrable iqama.. Or is it much better if Dependent visa(family visa?) It can be transfer also right Sir? Please give me an advice. Thank you so much..

    • It’s always not a good idea to take free visa. It’s too risky.
      There is possibility that the free visa kafeel will play.

      I suggest you to take dependent family visa. SAR2000. With that, if your husband can find a job, he will be easily transfered with your permission. Because in this case, you are the kafeel.

      I hope this answer useful.

    • thank u for ur reply Sir.. follow-up question Sir, If I dont want my employer to know that I will apply for the dependent visa and our HR will only know about this.. is it possible? or my employer will know because I read also in other blogs that to renew my iqama if there is dependent there will be additional payment. Is that true? because before my employer gave me a filled application form from Istiqdam to apply for family visa but I refused because he wants my husband to work for him also.. but I dont want because of small salary.. I want my husband to apply in other company. Can u pls advise for this?

    • There should be no additional fee.
      The fee should be SAR 2000, some people who paid for additional fee, will pay SAR 100.
      Somehow I felt that your company gave you good deed when It overed your husband work, although it has small salary.
      Because some women in some conditions might not be able to arrange dependent visa.
      But, I support you if you want to bring him with your dependent visa. The company will know about this. It must know, because the manager will give recommendation letter.
      I wrote something about bringing family to KSA in this blog before.
      I hope this answer help you.
      If you have more question, please ask.

  14. raja ibrar says:

    Hi sir my friend from india his issue :- I have join to ksa 3.5 years ago but still I dnt have get my iqama. Now I want to go exit nd my company managment asking me that when u will receive ur iqama then we will send u. Now thy are not giving me exit nd also iqama but I want to go so tell me next process.

    • Not having iqama in 90 days is not normal, 3.5 years means crazy.

      You have the right to ask about this to your HIGHEST MANAGER.
      He will help you.

      If he can’t help you, tell me.

  15. gian says:

    Dear Sir,

    My employment contract with this will end this 01-October-2015 and my iqama will expired on 09-Sept-2015, do I need to renew first my iqama then request for my release? I’m having transferable iqama.

    • To be safe, it is better to renew your iqama first, then ask the kafeel for release…
      The process of Nakeel Kafalah is not that fast…
      I hope you succeed..

    • gian says:

      Dear Sir,
      It’s means when it was renewed I can request for a release because i’m having a transferable iqama when i joined in this company. based on the employment offer it’s both renewal by both parties? It they will not sign my release to whom i will get help?

    • Owh,
      Now I get it…
      I was wrong.
      If it’s sure to get release signature, then it is up to you when you will transfer.

    • No one can help, but, if there is written contract about this, you might get help from police or ministry of labor

    • gian says:

      I have an employment offer with them only,it’s written in the offer it’s “Renewal by both parties” what does it means if you finish your contract it’s up to you if you will renew it or not?

    • It means that you and them will pay for iqama, no?
      It should be up to you,..
      If you want to end, you can,..

  16. gian says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’m having a transferable iqama and my contract with this company will end this October 2015, If they will not allowed me to release/transfer to whom I will get help? based on the offer which I signed it’s renewal by both parties and I’m not willing to renew my contract with this company.

    • When you disagree to renew iqama, it means you want to resign.
      If you want to transfer to other company, discuss this politely with your HR Manager, after your iqama is renewed…

    • gian says:

      Even if I’m having a transferable iqama i cannot transfer easily? based on the employment offer letter which I sign it’s stated that It’s renewal by both parties. but the problem will expire on September and my contract with them will end this coming october?

    • We don’t know what is inside somebody’s heart…
      The kafeel can play…
      If you don’t renew your iqama, you can’t stay in this kingdom…
      If you want to continue the contract, you should renew your iqama…

  17. gian says:

    Dear Sir,

    can you advise me if what i will do, my contract will end this october 01, and my iqama will expired on first week of september. My contract offer stated that termination period is 2 months before i will go. but my iqama will expired on september.

    • If you are about to work in Saudi, then you have to extend your iqama.

    • gian says:

      Sir, i got an employment offer already from the new employer and my iqama as per our HR he will renew it, but I ask him if he will give me a release he said I will not give you a release I will give you final exit. to whom i will get help regarding this matter? actually I have transferable iqama and they hired me locally. Do you think they have a right to give me a final exit even I have a transferable iqama. I signed the employment offer from this company and it was written in the contract is one(1) year and renewable by both parties and termination notice: 2 months as per the employment offer. I submitted my termination notice last august based on their termination notice because my contract with is already finish this october 2015 and I have a new offer from other company.

    • Gian,
      Your current employer has the right to give you final exit instead of transferable iqama. That’s why I told you before that you should talk about this friendly with your manager.
      You should ask for transfer iqama to your current company.
      Change the request.
      Do not ask for termination if you want to transfer.
      If you can’t transfer, to be safe, renew the contract first, then ask the future employer if it can provide you visa or not.
      Do not give up.

    • gian says:

      Sir, when I apply in this company i am with transferable iqama already my visa is mine. based on the signed offer you can terminate your contract with them if you dont want to renew your contract anymore since my contract i signed from them is only one year. So, even they hire me locally they have the right to give me a final exit. actually i finish already the contract with them and i did not signed for a new one.

    • Gian,
      A Kafeel, the sponsor, has the right whether issuing final exit or anything.
      So it is up to them to help you to transfer or not.
      It seems not fair, but it is just like that.

    • gian says:

      Can you check the status or category of my iqama please. My iqama is 2308954128.

  18. Dax says:

    Good day,


    I’ve been reading your post and i find it very helpful please keep up the good work.
    My question is, I am currently under a 2 year contract in a green colored company and i want to transfer to another company. Is it possible to not finish my current contract and transfer my iqama to my new company? Will i need to exit the country and re-enter?
    i expect my current company to ask me to “bail” out my contract by paying them. I am fine with paying them as long as they allow me to transfer my iqama. Is there anything i need to watch out for during this period. If you have any comments or advise please do so. Thank you in advance more power.

    • Hi Dax,
      Normally, you have to finish your contract first.
      The ability to transfer is depended on the will of your HR Manager. If he approve, you will be able to transfer.
      If your current company doesn’t want to release you, then new company should provide you visa. And you have to go back to your country first, then come again using new company visa.
      Negotiate with your manager, ask him for help.

      I hope this help you.

    • Dax says:


      Thank you for replying. As to my understanding as long as my current company allows me transfer then i wont have any problem, is it correct?. Another question, if they didn’t allow me to transfer and my new company agreed and gave me a new visa, won’t i have some issue’s with the saudi goverment and get blacklisted for not finishing my current contract and exiting the country? or will my new visa cover for that problem? You are such a god send thank for your help.

    • Dax,
      Yes, it is correct.

      If they didn’t allow you to transfer, you should resign and come again with your new company visa.
      This will not be a problem if you go exit in correct way. You have to request for exit, then the company approve it. Ask about No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your current company before you leave.
      There will not be any problems as long as you get approval to go exit (resign).

      I hope this helps.

    • Dax says:

      Thanks a lot Harbun, i never knew that i can request for an exit even though i am in the middle of my contract. But i hope that my company just allow me to transfer my iqama to my new company so i won’t need to exit the country. That would be much better. Thanks again. More power!.

    • Dax,
      You’re right.
      If you can transfer the iqama, it will be much better.

      You’re always welcome.

  19. Vijayblore says:

    I do not have a iqama even after 100days. The company is in red.
    I would like to go on exit now, but my employer is not leaving me.
    What is the possibility of me getting an exit?

    • Hi,
      You can exit whenever you want. You can transfer without your kafeel permission.
      Read this article :

      I hope this useful.

    • Vijayblore says:


      Thanks for the reply.

      I do not want a transfer.
      I want an exit. I want to go back.
      Can you guide me in getting an exit.


    • You can simply request for exit to your company,
      If you are not allowed to exit, actually, you have the right to exit. I think it’s in the Saudi Arabia Labor Law.
      You can ask Jawazat for advise.

    • Vijayblore says:


      As I am new to this place, can you help me in getting an exit. I have asked my company, they are not giving me an exit.
      You can also guide me in contacting some person who can help me in getting an exit.


    • Vijayblore says:


      Thanks. As I am new to this place can you guide me in getting the exit. I have already asked my company and they are not giving me exit.
      Can you give me some contact info, whom I can contact for help.

    • I am so sorry, I can’t give you any contact.
      Consulting with Jawazat officer is better.
      I hope you can solve this problem.

  20. gian says:

    Sir good morning i will asked you again this questions my contract will end this october 01, 2015 and my iqama will expire on 09 september 2015. I have transferrable iqama. As stated in the offer letter which i signed from them you can submit your termination letter stating that you will not renew again your contract within the period of two months. My question is if i will submit my termination letter this august 01, 2015 do you think they will renew my iqama eventhough they know that i will be transfer to the company? because my iqama will expire first before my contract end with this company.

    • I am not sure about this.
      But, I think they will not renew your iqama. They will give you temporary iqama, a letter, that state that you are still working in the company.

  21. gian says:

    Sir, if they will not renew my iqama how i get transfer to the other company. what does it means they will temporary give me iqama then the new company to whom i will transfer this is the one who will renew it?

    • Gian,
      Actually, to be safe, it is better to renew the iqama, first…
      There is no guarantee that the transfer process will be fast…
      Temporary iqama is a letter that is given to you when your iqama is in renewal process.
      The jawazat officers do not consider this as iqama.

  22. gian says:

    Sir, how about after i renew my iqama you cannot call this termination letter already, when i submit this is resignation already since they renew already my iqama, even if im having a transferable iqama i cannot easily demand for a release?

    • The temporary iqama is not strong enough.
      If the new company process is fast, it will not be a problem, if not, you will be just like illegal worker, which is dangerous for you.
      If Jawazat officers find you without your iqama, you will be sent for deportation.

      I have talked with a company representative who offers me nakeel kafalah, he told me that transfer / nakeel kafalah is quite taking time. Then he told me to request for release after I renew the iqama.

      Usually, after working for two years, the contract changes from “two years contract” to “as you wish contract”(or whatever the name is). This allows you to resign or transfer at anytime.

    • VijayBlore says:

      Dear Sir

      I have not received salary for 3 months now. How do I get my salary now.
      Is there a way to get my salary please.



    • The ideal way is to ask your higher manager about this.
      If not possible, go with your friends who get the same case in your company, gather friends as many as you can, ask the manager about the salary.
      If still not possible, you can report to police department or jawazat.

  23. john says:

    I came to saudi with visit visa .my sponcer is my fathers kafeel said to me obtaining iqama for work in fathers kaffeel”s workshop
    its posible? or illegal

    • If you are working here, in Saudi Arabia, you should change your kafeel. From your father to your company. If not, that will be illegal.
      There is possibility for you to change the kafeel.

  24. Raja Abrar says:

    What is new law ?
    Accourding to new law can i change to my company without the permision of my company owner .

    • Please read the above comment,
      I posted about “two condition to move to other company without company approval”.
      You can find the answer in that article.

  25. Asad Ullah says:

    Dear sir i am working in hotel ,, Hotel gave me visa i came here singed one year contrct,now two months reamining in my contract i interviwed n other hotel nd he asked me for kafala can its posibl. Iqama no is 2380058614 and compny status is yelow ,,,but iqama ll expir after 5 months. ,,,,,,,,

  26. KIM says:

    Hello Sir!

    I just want to ask if after i finish my contract is it possible to find job then if im qualified can I bring the Visa?

    then is it okay to ask them if i can get my wife?

    I’m a graphic designer.

    Thank You!

  27. ReyFerds says:

    Hi Harbun,

    Been reading your post and seems very helpful. Appreciate all your effort on answering different issues. Hope you can help me as well.

    I have been hired from my country of origin by a Joint Venture Company, after 2 years they transfer my iqama to one of this JV company (now separate company). My question, is my iqama considers as transferable already? They transferred my iqama only last month.

    What I understand was, if your iqama is already been transferred once, meaning, your new sponsor is not the who took you your country of origin, your iqama is considered as transferable??

    But considering my previous sponsor was a Joint Venture Co, and my new sponsor is one of that company, does it make any difference?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi ReyFerds,

      1. You have to see your previous iqama and your current iqama, the sponsor is written on your iqama. If same, so, you are actually not transfered. You might change the company, but not the kafeel.

      2. Transferable or not, it depends on your higher manager, if he/she allows you to transfer, then this means transferable.

      I worked in a Joint Venture Co before, after one year, they split, then I join one of the companies. But the Kafeel never changed. So, basically, based on Saudi Arabia Ministry of Labor, my Iqama was not transfered.

      I hope this helps.

  28. Md iKram Ali says:

    Dear Sir, Assalamu alykum. I am an Agricultural Engineer having more than 7 years of experience from Assam, India and interested to work in Saudi Arabia. Can you please help me to get job in Saudi Arabia. I will be thankful to you in future for your kind help. ..From Md Ikram Ali

  29. Bashir says:

    Salaam alaykum Mr. Subekti,
    I give a lot of credit to you and pray Allaah continue to open numerous doors of favours to you as you solve people’s problems… Allaaahuma aamin.

    I’m a Nigerian and a Graduate of Education. My wife got a job with the Ministry of Health and just been posted to Yanbu. I came with her and two kids. I will be glad if you can give me answers to the following questions:
    1. Can I work here?
    2. Can I use my wife ‘iqama’ to work?
    3. How can I get a teaching job?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Mr. Bashir,
      1. Yes you can apply any jobs here.
      2. You cannot use your wife’s iqama.
      3. You can visit any school nearby and apply directly. You can visit and for more job vacancy. you can use too.

      in your current condition, if your iqama is under your wife, you are not allowed to work.
      But you can apply for jobs. after you are selected, you must transfer your iqama to the company you will work.

      I hope this helps.

  30. veerendra soni says:

    Dear Harbun,
    I amworking in KSA as Electrical engr.Joined recently.I signed contract with SAED .This SAED is company of GPI(Gulf Power International).I was offered employment by GPI.Do u have some info on these companies.

    Another issue on my mind:
    My contract says that its a definite time contract of two years and company”may” extend it after that …I have received official email id and laptops etec by comapny.
    Now this GPI is O&M company dealing with shutdowns etc. Nothing is mentioned in contract that company will send back employees after shutdowns etc and then call back again, some say that it depends on employees.
    ppl hve different theories , can u give some info

    • Bro,
      SAED is a recruiting company. I think it is not GPI company, but its representative.

      The normal contract in Saudi Arabia is that you will get 3 months preliminary, then 2 years contract, then if you are doing good, you can extend the contract as long as you and your company want.

      I am working in construction sector, so, I don’t know anything about this company. but you can visit this link and call them :

      Bro, many companies in Saudi Arabia are suffering from terminating employees right now. But some of these companies are still recruiting. I hope this helps.

  31. Neel Shaha says:

    Dear Harbun,

    Once iqama is issued & given to employee, will they keep your passport with them only or it will be given to me? In case if they keep it with them, then when they will give it to me?

    I know that on every exit & re-entry, they will give stamp on passport but the question is that my passport will be with me or it will be with them only & they will give it to me only when I have to go to India for exit & re-entry!! Need to clear this doubt.

    Thanks in advance :)


    • Hi Neel,
      you can choose whether to keep or to ask the company to keep passport.
      for me, I asked my company to keep the passport, this is for safety and for making it easier if the company need it for any administration things.

      basically, your company does not need your passport to give you the exit re entry.
      everything is online.
      you can check the availability of your visa by going online.

      Is this answer good for you?


    • Neel Shaha says:

      Thanks Harbun for a valuable input…!!
      But without stamp on visa for exit & re-entry, how I will check the status online? Also, for what kind of administration things, you can keep the passport with employer in KSA? Can you give any example?

      Sorry, but I am new to all this so clearing my doubts as my company wants to send me to KSA for 2 years on iqama so will that be fine or is it problem?

      Also, what about medical health card in KSA after getting iqama? Will it be provided by Saudi employer to me for coping up with any health related issues?


    • Neel Shaha says:

      Also, lets say I have iqama for 1 year & If employer in Saudi is bearing the cost for my exit & re-entry & travel, then how frequently I can travel to India when you are on iqama?

      And If Saudi employer is not allowing me to travel to India in every 2 months, but my parent company in India does not have any problem with that & they are ready to bear the cost of travel, then my Saudi employer will give me stamp on passport for exit & re-entry & who will bear the cost for every exit in this case? Is this possible?


    • Neel,
      it is based on your contract, your have to check about your annual vacation in your contract.

      Iqama is Residence Permit, it is a card to replace your passport.

      usually, employee is provided for exit re entry and ticket and everythings for once in a year, only. but you can check your contract to be sure.

      Is this answer good enough?


    • Neel,
      It is stamped automatically. The stamp will be in your electric visa that you can check online.

      The passport is for renewing your iqama.

      the first contract in KSA usually is for 2 years, it is normal.

      the medical insurance card will be provided by your Saudi Employer.


  32. Sahr says:

    I want to ask
    If i can transfer to private company
    And my company is platinum or excellent
    Can i have a right to transfer…

  33. Sahr says:

    I forget to tell
    Im a huroob
    And my company is platinum or excellent
    Can i transfer easly
    To any company like private company…

  34. Karthiknpraveen says:

    Bro iqama number 2050218432

  35. Karthiknpraveen says:

    Bro my iqama number 2050218432 plz chk and details about this iqama .plz

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