Transferable Iqama Meaning? Read This!

This article talks about What is Transferable Iqama. When we are looking for a job in Saudi Arabia in gulftalent[dot]com or bayt[dot]com we find the words “Transferable Iqama”. This time, I want to explain about the meaning of Transferable Iqama.

Transferable Iqama means that the holder of the Iqama (employee) doesn’t have to work for the Kafeel (employer) which is stated in Iqama (marked with red rectangle in the picture below). So this Transferable Iqama holder can work in any company in Saudi Arabia in anywhere and anytime he/she wants. Below is a picture of non-transferable iqama.

04 Iqama Transferable Iqama

Usually, the Transferable Iqama holder having some agreements with the Kafeel to arrange the renewal of this kind of Iqama. Some people said that the Kafeel asks for SAR 12k per year or 3k per year, depends of the profession which is stated in the Iqama.

If you want to make this Transferable Iqama, please be careful. Recently the government of KSA forbid the issue of Transferable Iqama. The Iqama Holder must work under the Kafeel which is stated in Iqama. This Transferable can be considered as illegal practice, in some ways.

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