Universities in Saudi Arabia : Here is the List !

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There are many universities in Saudi Arabia. Those universities are providing scholarships. So many student from all over the world are invited to apply these scholarships provided by these universities in Saudi Arabia. The requirements for applying these universities scholarships are approximately equal or same. They have their own standard for this.

Here are the universities in Saudi Arabia that you can apply to :

King Saud University.

The progress of any nation has always been strongly associated with knowledge and learning. King Saud University, the premier institution of higher education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was established in 1957 to enhance the nation’s growth and well-being.

Through strong government support and many highly-qualified professionals and administrators, KSU has supplied the Saudi people and market with years of invaluable service, and served as a traditional source of skilled professionals and academics needed to meet the nation’s growing needs in the areas of medicine, engineering, agriculture, science and development, the humanities and language.

King Saud University does not limit its roles to teaching and research, however, but extends its practical and vital academic functions to the development of Saudi health care and the needs of the private sector.

For more information, visit http://ksu.edu.sa/.

King Abdul Aziz University.

King Abdulaziz University carries the name of the establisher of Saudi Arabia- God bless him. This university was established in 1387 H / 1967 G as a national university aiming at spreading higher education in the western area of Saudi Arabia. This dream has come true through the continuous efforts of the loyal citizens of this country. The members of the initiating committee had the chance to meet King Faisal Bin Abdulaziz –God bless him- and His Majesty showed all support for this idea. The establishing committee was formed headed by King Faisal- God bless him and his highness the Minister if Education at that time Sheikh Hasan Bin Abdullah Al Al- Sheikh.

The university started its first year in (1388h- 1968g) by inaugurating the preparation study program with a few number of students( 68 male students and 30 female students,) and directly the year after, the university inaugurated its first college ( the College of Economics and Management,) then in the following year the college of Arts and Human Sciences was established.

After the honored resolution of the Council of Ministers was issued in (1394h – 1974g) by including the university in the government, the national university was changed into a government university and another decision was issued at the same time by including the College of Shareah and the College of Higher Education that were already established in 1369h-1949g in Mekka in King Abdulaziz University. These two colleges followed Omm AL-Qora University after it was established.

The adoption of the government to this young university and the continuous support was of great effect on changing King Abdulaziz University to a modern university with a number of students that now amounts to 82152 male and female students. The university also occupies a distinguished place among higher education institutions in the Kingdom.

For more information, visit http://www.kau.edu.sa/

Ummul Qura University.

In 1949 (1369H) King Abdul Aziz established the College of Shari`a (Islamic Law) in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, making it the first higher education institution in the country. It constituted the kernel of Umm Al-Qura University and its most prominent college. Henceforward, the establishment of higher education institutions continued. Among them, Umm Al-Qura University is distinguished by its unique location in the Holy City, and it’s academic reputation in the fields of Islamic studies and scientific and applied disciplines.

For more information, visit https://uqu.edu.sa

Islamic University of Madinah.

Founded by the Royal Order No. 11 dated 25/03/1381, followed by the Royal Order No. 21, dated 16/04/1381 AH, and ratified by the Supreme Advisory Council of the University. Studies began on Sunday, 2nd of Jumada II in the same year.

In 05/18/1386 AH a Royal Decree No. M / 18 was issued in approval of the university system. Another system for the university was issued in accordance with the Royal Decree No. M / 70, dated 08/07/1395 AH.

For more information, visit http://www.iu.edu.sa/

Al-Imam Muhammad bin Saud University.

Teaching Sharia knowledge prevailed most regions in Saudi Arabia before opening up government-run schools and Sharia institutes. Teaching has conducted at mosques and houses of ulmea (scholars), who taught many judges. His eminence Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sheikh – May Allah show mercy to him – and his brothers played a major role in disseminating knowledge of Sharia in Riyadh and the neighboring areas.

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With the start of the overall Sharia knowledge rise in 1370 H (1949 G) and thanks to turnout by the youth to learn Sharia knowledge, the administration-led King Abdulaziz – May Allah show mercy to him – opened up Riyadh Sharia Institute. The by-then king assigned Sheikh Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Sheikh, the by-then mufti of Saudi Arabia, to run the institute. It was the first foundation of Sharia institutes in various regions of the kingdom.

For more information, visit https://www.imamu.edu.sa

King Fahd University of Petroleum and Mineral.

Teaching and Research are the main two core functions of KFUPM. The vision is ambitiously drafted to reflect the aspired outcomes of both. Global Competitiveness of graduates requires that they are prepared with high knowledge, sharp skills, real ethics and instilled leadership. Carrying cutting-edge research in all its fields will enable KFUPM to make scholarly impact and contribute to national needs. In addition, as KFUPM is focusing in its research and technology development on energy and its related fields, it aims to achieve leadership in this challenging area. In all of these ambitious stands, KFUPM strives to be a preeminent institution worldwide.

For more information, visit http://www.kfupm.edu.sa/

King Khalid University.

On Tuesday 09/01/1419 AH (06/05/1998 AD) HRH Crown Prince–may God protect him- ordered the merger of Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University and King Saud University in the Southern Region into one entity under the new identity of ‘King Khalid University’. Later, on 11/3/1419 AH (6/7/1998 AD), a Royal Decree, Decree 7/78/M was issued to complete all regular procedures necessary to effect the merger. The University’s first budget was issued on 14/09/1419 AH (02/01/1999 AD) within the general state budget.

The University is in Aseer region in the southwestern part of Saudi Arabia. The area of Aseer region is about 80.000 square kilometres occupied with more than 1.600.000 people distributed in seventy- eight governorate and centres.

For more information, visit http://www.kku.edu.sa/

King Faisal University.

Its vision is leadership in community partnership through excellence in education and scientific research and leadership.

For more information, visit www.kfu.edu.sa

Taef University.

A Royal Decree (No. 115 dated 27/2/1400) was issued to establish the College of Education in Taif. The new college was then part of King Abdul Aziz University, headquartered in Jedda. After the opening of Umm Al-Qura University, the College of Education in Taif became part of the new university among universities in Saudi Arabia.

For more information, visit http://www.tu.edu.sa/

Jouf University.

This is one of the famous universities in Saudi Arabia.

For more information, visit http://www.ju.edu.sa/

Taiba University.

The university was first established with only seven collages. By 1434H – 1435H, the university had evolved to include 28 collages and one institute. 16 of which are in the city of Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah, and the rest are in six branches: Yanbu – Ula – Hinakiyah – Khyber – Almahd – Badr.

For more information, visit https://www.taibahu.edu.sa

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

Its mission is KAUST advances science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research integrated with graduate education. We are a catalyst for innovation, economic development and social prosperity in Saudi Arabia and the world

For more information, visit http://kaust.edu.sa/

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education Logo - Universities in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education Logo – Universities in Saudi Arabia.

There are many more universities in Saudi Arabia other than the ones that we mentioned above. We can check for more unversities in Saudi Arabia by visiting http://www.moe.gov.sa/. It is the website of Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We hope this information is useful for you. Please share this to your community if you think that this can be useful for others too. For updates, please simply subscribe. Have a nice browsing.

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