What Are Banned in Saudi Arabia ? Read This !

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What are banned in Saudi Arabia? Haha. It is actually very very important question. Before you decide to life and work in Saudi Arabia, you have to know What are banned in Saudi Arabia. This is extremely important. Banned in Saudi Arabia means that if you do these actions, you will be in danger.

Saudi Arabia, in international community sometimes is called the country of bans. Haha. This is because there are many things to be banned in this country. So, What are banned in Saudi Arabia? Here are 10 things you can watch out :

1. Saudi Arabia Women are forbidden to work in some jobs. Saudi Arabia Women are allowed to work in some sectors, but not all. If they are allowed to work, then they have to cover their body to guard their body from unresponsible eyes. wow. So, It is quite easy actually to have some romance to Saudi Arabia Women in work, because it is like gambling. You can know only their voice. They are respected.

2. Saudi Arabia Women are forbidden to drive a vehicle. Prophet Muhammad’s wife, Aisyah, drove horse before. But I don’t know why Saudi Arabia Women are not allowed to drive a car. In Islam, Women and Men are equal. Well, if you want to know why, ask the mutawwa.

3. Gym for Saudi Arabia Men and Women are not allowed to be in same place. Well, this is dangerous based on Islamic law. And it is dangerous. It will be hard to concentrate our mind if we see some sexy Saudi Arabia Women passing. I personally agree with this. haha.

4. Valentine’s Day is forbidden in Saudi Arabia. This is bid’ah according to Islamic Law. As Islamic country, it is just natural for Saudi Arabia to ban Valentine’s Day.

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5. Cinema is banned in Saudi Arabia. Well, actually we can find one in King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. Basically, cinema is banned in Saudi.

6. Saudi Arabia Women are not allowed to travel without being accompanied by family member. This is suggested by Islamic Law. But actually, Rasulullah Muhammad has said about Women will travel alone someday. This means that in our era, actually it is just normal for women to travel alone.

7. Musical Concerts are forbidden. This is stricly forbidden. Some of Ulama said that music is haram. So, it is not a good idea to make musical concert in Saudi Arabia.

8. Pork, Alcoholic Drinks and all haram products based on Islamic Law are banned in Saudi Arabia. This is great decision of Saudi Arabia Government. Because what are haram in Islam are not good for society.

There are actually more things be banned in Saudi Arabia. Those 8 things above are several of theme. So, after you know What are banned in Saudi Arabia, will you come to Saudi Arabia?

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