What is Primavera P6 Team Member

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What is Primavera P6 Team Member. This article is about What is Primavera P6 Team Member. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about What is Primavera P6 Team Member. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

What is Primavera P6 Team Member

Precise project status is important to the success of any project and capturing the data directly from the people doing the work is the best way to make sure your schedule reflects the true progress. Four independent interfaces of Primavera P6 Team Member App enable project participants to update their status and contacts with others wherever they are. All interfaces are designed with ease of use and operation. An organization can select to deploy any or all of the interfaces that make the most sense to their business.

Primavera P6 Team Member is ready as a Web application and for mobile devices. The Primavera P6 Team Member for IOS application is ready for download on iTunes and the Primavera P6 Team Member for Android is ready for download on Google Play. Primavera P6 Team Member Web is able to run in a browser and has been optimized to work on a tablet. These user interfaces help users to:

  • Easily update tasks to show the work that has been done including a one click to mark the task finished.
  • Capture improvement on assigned tasks via a timesheet interface.
  • Communicate with the project manager or other team members via discussions and email.
  • View and update the notebooks, steps, codes, and user defined fields assigned the task.
  • View predecessor and successor tasks, documents.
  • Easily sort the task list by timeframe or simple search.
  • Update tasks offline when we cannot connect to internet is available using the iPad/iPhone app

Below is the pictures of Primavera P6 Team Member Application in Mobile Phone and Web.

What is Primavera P6 Team Member 1

Figure 1. The Primavera P6 Team Member mobile applications help users to easily put updates to their assigned tasks from their iPad, iPhone or Android phone.

What is Primavera P6 Team Member 2

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Figure 2: The Primavera P6 Team Member Web application includes the ability to update the improvement via a timesheet.

Email Statusing

Email statusing help users to:

  • Request a filtered list of your existing tasks through email or receive an email from the project manager
  • Update tasks by simply replying and creating status updates within the E-mail.

In addition, it helps as an alternate offline solution when internet connectivity is not available.

What is Primavera P6 Team Member 3

Figure 3. An example of the email statusing interface, which gives users a list of existing tasks through email.

Project Controls

It is essential for the project management group to have control over the data coming into the schedule. A lot of time is spent making sure the project plan is precise and project integrity is well maintained. To assist this goal, Primavera P6 serves with the ability to decide what fields are updated the Team Member interfaces. It also has the capability to stage updates for approval and track all update history for easy reference.

Configuration Options

Flexible project setting options are available to decide which fields are visible to Team Members for updating. These options not only make sure there is the right level of control, but promote simple adoption of enterprise project portfolio best practices.

Approval Process

As Team Members do the status updates, the project management group require an efficient way to control and review these updates as well as collaborate with Team Members. All pending updates can be viewed with the ability to create good decisions to approve, hold updates for clarification or override the data. This lets visibility of all updates and makes sure the integrity of the schedule.

History of Changes

The project management group can monitor the history of Team Member updates including who sent the change, when it was sent, who approved it, when it was approved, as well as the information that was updated. This lets the management group to increase project success rates and develop schedule integrity by analyzing change history and proactively troubleshooting discrepancies.

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