Work Visa Saudi Arabia

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This article is about work visa Saudi Arabia. In this article we are trying to provide you good information about work visa Saudi Arabia. We have arranged the information in this post to make you understand it easily. We hope that you can understand it well. Please check the information below.

Work Visa Saudi Arabia

work visa saudi arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has super strict procedures if it is related to work visas. Usually many expatriates do not want to deal with these. It is because their sponsor/kafeel/employer usually arranges the work visa for Saudi Arabia. Because of the ins and outs and super strict visa requirements from the Saudi ministry (government), if you get a job in Saudi Arabia, you will be waiting anywhere from 1 ro 2 months for your work visa application to be approved.

If you get a job in Saudi Arabia, your sponsor will be responsible for taking care of the paperwork for you. Nevertheless, they will give you your employment contract in two languages both Arabic (the official and original contract) and English (the translation). Along with this document you will get the information leaflets on how the work visa application works and what you will need to send to them so that they can proceed to process the work visa request for a work permit.

The employment files pack from your sponsor must include these following items:

  • Visa Application form
  • Police Clearence Information
  • Religion Statement Form
  • A Medical Report for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia that is available in your country.
  • The Embassy Authorization Memo

The passport of yours must be valid for more than half year, be signed at the back and has two blank pages. If it does not fully meet all of the work visa requirements your work visa will not be issued. We suggest you to apply for a brand new passport to avoid unexpected things. Moreover, if you have any Isreali stamps inside your passport, you will absolutely not be allowed to have a Saudi work visa.

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After finishing the above mentioned subjects, you have to go to your doctor with Medical Report form. This doctor must do all of the necessary tests and complete the medical report form. This Medical Report has to be verified by the College of Physicians and Surgeons or by the equivalent authorizing organization in your region.

You will need to send all of your original certificates to your new sponsor to be verified. We suggest you that it is better to make colour photocopies of the files and have them verified and attested so that you can keep the copies safe. If you have lost any of the original certificates, then you must get an official letter along with the original certificate that show all your details.

The Work Visa Documents enclosed should include:

  • Medical test reports and if any of them are not ready, you have to confirm that you will send them on at a later date.
  • The Employment contract which you will have signed
  • The signed Saudi Arabia Embassy Authorization note
  • The stamped Medical Report completed by doctor and stamped by the Physician and Surgeons in your region or whatever is their equivalent.
  • A completed visa application form and if you have opted to convert to Islam the conversion certificate.
  • Six color passport photographs
  • A Police Clearance Certificate dated within three months of the current date.
  • A name change document if required
  • Your Passport
  • A letter of No Objection, you will also require a letter of release if you have ever worked somewhere else in Saudi Arabia.
  • After this provided everything is in order it will normally then take approximately ten days for your visa to be issued.

Once your work visa is ready, your passport will be given back to you with the visa stamped inside. Your original files will also be returned to you along with your ticket and you will be able to travel as soon as you possible can.

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